The Puppies Were All Going Crazy Until Dad Walks Over And Gets Them All To Sleep In Seconds : AWM

The Puppies Were All Going Crazy Until Dad Walks Over And Gets Them All To Sleep In Seconds

Parents wish there were a magic wand that could put their baby into deep, restful sleep. If that was possible, new parents might be able to get a good night’s rest and feel their best every morning. While some parents have figured out ways to get their babies to get shuteye – like the dad who gently brushes a tissue across his baby’s face – most parents have no idea how to get their little one to bed faster than normal.

And while most people might not be able to get their little ones to sleep on command, the man in this video certainly has a knack for it. While he is not lulling his human baby to sleep, he has a brood of energetic puppies that all need to get some rest before they get cranky. And dad knows just what to do to get them down for a nap.

Dad has a special song for the little puppies that works like a charm. But first, he starts with a simple command – “Let’s go to bed.” Despite dad’s best effort, the puppies are still squirming around with a ton of nervous energy. Based on what we see, it looks like dad has no chance of getting the puppies to sleep. But then he proves us wrong.

Suddenly, he starts singing, in a slow, sleepy way, the classic 1950s doo-wop hit “Goodnite, Sweetheart, Goodnite.”

When you see the results, you’ll understand why we found it imperative to share this video with you.

As dad sings the classic song, he lulls them to sleep. One by one, the puppies obediently find a comfortable spot to lie down. And then in seconds, they start drifting off to sleep. Because dad has the secret touch, mom was nearby with the camera to show everyone on social media just how amazing her husband’s singing is.

“I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it,” she said.

The video, included below, was uploaded to YouTube and watched hundreds of thousands of times. Dozens of people left comments on the clip, sharing their love for how dad’s song had such a positive influence on the puppies’ sleep habits.

“Enjoy without judgment people. This reflects the magic and joy of puppies with a loving caretaker. Maybe they were rescued. However, it happened, they’re in good hands,” wrote an adoring fan.

“Precious!  Sweet dreams cute little puppies!”

Another shared, “I loved this. The guy sang to his puppies, and within 60 seconds these lovable babies were asleep. Now if only he could make a video to put children to bedtime mode without the three drinks of water that so many kids seem to need. Definite Thumbs up, heck, I give this a ten toes UP too!”

Not only does his song work for the puppies in the video, a viewer at home got results, too.

“One of my puppies fell asleep watching this video, which was good as she was chewing my fingers.”

What do you think about his ability to sing the puppies to sleep?