The School Wouldn’t Stop Bullies From Tormenting Her Daughter, So Mom Took It Into Her Own Hands : AWM

The School Wouldn’t Stop Bullies From Tormenting Her Daughter, So Mom Took It Into Her Own Hands

Parents never want to see their children hurting. However, when one Florida mom decided to confront the bullies that were making her daughter’s life so painful, she was arrested for the incident. Simmone James didn’t approach the matter with a discussion about the bullying, rather she threw a mixture of cayenne pepper powder and salt into girls’ (ages 8 and 11) faces.

They were left screaming from the pain.

James was arrested and charged with two counts of child abuse, battery, and disruption of school functions.

According to James, she claimed that the girls had bullied her daughter for three months and when the school failed to get involved, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

When James walked her daughter into school, she attacked the girls with the mixture, with the Cambridge Elementary School resource officer saying the girls experienced very red and irritated eyes.

Principal Dr. Wendy Smith said that James entered the school’s office to say: “Take care of these kids. They did it again” before leaving the office, Space Coast Daily reports.

According to James’ husband, Larry Barkley, the girls had beat up their daughter and threw rocks at their home’s windows.

Barkley added that his daughter doesn’t eat or sleep because of the stress associated with the bullying, as he told Wesh2: “My daughter is scared to death. My wife has to walk her to school. I just don’t think it’s fair.”

Yvonne Martinez of the Cocoa Police Department explained, “Any mom is going to defend her child. But this is not the way to do it. You don’t resort to violence.”

Barkley explained that they had alerted both the police and school about the bullying but neither took any action.

Among the many people who weighed in with comments on the Daily Mail‘s coverage of the story were those who applauded the mom. One person wrote: “Mother of the year! If no one would do anything about someone bullying them, what is she supposed to do. It is so annoying/painful when your child is bullied.”

Another commenter agreed, saying, “I don’t blame her. If I could smack some of daughter’s bullies and get away with it, I would. I really, really would.”

Others discussed the lack of school involvement, as one person pointed out: “Why isn’t the school doing something about this before it gets to this?? This is ridiculous, but I don’t blame the mom one bit for doing what she needs to do to protect her child.”

Another commenter shared their personal story, noting: “As the mother of a daughter bullied through high school, no help was given by the school. It was blown off and the bullying continued until she graduated. It was so bad she attempted suicide at the age of 14. Schools say no tolerance for bullying but they don’t back that up.”

One person made this important point about these situations: “I love how the bullies are allowed to be violent but the second mom steps up, since obviously the school didn’t, she gets arrested for protecting her daughter.”

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