The Security Camera Caught Her Stealing From The Tip Jar, But The Owner’s Response Is Going Viral : AWM

The Security Camera Caught Her Stealing From The Tip Jar, But The Owner’s Response Is Going Viral

A little human kindness goes a long way with changing someone’s life. When a donut shop’s owners discovered that someone stole money from the tip jar, they wanted to find the thief. Their reason for finding the guilty party may not be for the reason you’d think, however. Holey Schmidt Donuts posted a surveillance video on Facebook to see if they could locate the woman seen stealing from the tip jar.

Galen and Cadi Schmidt explained the surprising reason why, asking people to bring in donations to help the woman out, noting: “Hi donut lovers!! Sadly this afternoon we had a woman come in and steal a couple hand fulls of tips that our awesome employees work so hard for. While we are saddened by this, we also realize that if someone is in a place in their life, where they are desperate enough to steal from hard working employees, they are probably pretty down and out.”

The post added: “At Holey Schmidt Donuts we prefer to spread kindness. We are going to be collecting food for this woman, hoping this helps her to realize that there are other avenues of getting help and finding food. Tomorrow (Monday) morning, and throughout the next week, we will have a box in our lobby, where you can contribute non-perishable, non-expired food items.”

Wow, what an amazing gesture of good will. The Schmidts added: “If you know who this woman is, then please let her know that we will have these donations ready and available to pick up in our shop a week from tomorrow, Monday, May 7. If we are unable to locate her, we will be donating everything collected to the Food Bank of Northern Nevada. Hopefully either way, these donations go to someone who is truly in need.”

And, they also offered something to their customers who pitched in, writing: “For all of our customers who come in and donate, we will be offering you a 10% discount off your order on your visit. Thanks for helping us take the culture we started this business focusing on, and helping to spread kindness through our amazing city!”

The woman never returned, so the owners donated 233 pounds of food to the food bank.

Many people who responded with comments on the Facebook post were very impressed, with one person noting: “Your company is amazing. So generous! If the whole world were like this, it would be such an amazing place!”

Another commenter added: “Your actions to share kindness to this woman will plant seeds of compassion… whether she is the recipient, or others… Thank You.”

Not everyone could understand, however, as one commenter explained: “Although I’m sympathetic you had the tip money stolen, nor am I defending the thief, but surely leaving open tip jars on counters is kind of asking for someone to steal it!” They offered a solution of using a tip box instead.

Another commenter offered up this opinion: “Another possible suggestion is to take the donations and donate them to a local food bank where multiple people can benefit. It just feels uneasy that only one person will benefit where there are a lot of people in need. Just a thought.”