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The Strange Creature A Fisherman Reeled In From The Deep Ocean Has Finally Been Identified

Take one look at this bizarre undersea creature. What does it look like to you? Some people see the head of the critter and immediately think it is a dolphin. But when they look at its body, they see fish scales, which are extremely odd. No dolphin has scales – that’s impossible – dolphins are mammals and have sleek skin rather than fish scales on it.

So if this creature is not a dolphin, it must be some sort of fish. But what kind of fish has a head of a dolphin? It was an enigma and went on to become a shocking viral sensation until someone came forward to shed their expert opinion on the animal and correctly identify it.

A fisherman off the coast of Guizhou town in southwestern China caught the weird creature. They noticed that the head of the fish was like a dolphin and also kind of like a bird. Whatever it was, it stunned them enough to pull out their phone and snap a few pictures to get other opinions on it.

When the images of the bizarre fish made it to the Natural History Museum, they admitted that they did not have enough information on it to be able to issue an accurate identification. They needed a closer observation of the weird fish, but the fisherman had already thrown it back in the water.

However, one person at the museum decided to issue their opinion on what it was. They could not say for certain, but they suspected that the fish was a carp that was born with a deformed head that just happened to look like a bird or a dolphin.

Because the man claimed that the fish was a mutant carp with a  deformed head, the International Union for Conservation of Nature came forward to back that person’s conclusion. It seemed that as more and more people looked at the creature, they agreed that this was a deformed carp.

The Union argued that the deformity might not have been a genetic issue. They say that it might have come from an injury to the fish when it was very young. But they did not rule out genetic mutations or chemical and radioactive substances in the water.

One expert from the Guizhou Fisheries Research Institute agreed with the stated conclusion. That expert said that the “pug-head” might have also occurred due to a lack of oxygen in the water. This can happen when the water is overcrowded with fish that use up an abundance of oxygen.

According to research shared by Jumble Joy, “Experts explain that deformed fish are more common in aquariums and other in-breeding rearing facilities than in the open waters. This is because deformed fish that are found in seas, rivers, or oceans are unable to find food and nourishment and are eaten by others, or they simply starve to death.”

While this fish certainly looked bizarre, it has hope for the future so long as the fisherman was able to return it to the water before it died.

What do you think about this fish? Do you trust the opinion that it’s a carp with a deformed head?

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