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The Subway Banned Dogs Unless They Could “Fit In A Bag.” So Dog Owners Got Creative

New Yorkers are creative people. Not only do they have to figure out how to make life work while living in a closet, but they also have to do so while paying as much for their closet-sized living space as some people would pay for a mansion in other parts of the country. The price to live in New York City is extremely high, but residents do reap lots of benefits – like the great culture, world-renown food, and easy access to some of the most interesting sights and sound anywhere in the world.

However, things have just been made harder for any New Yorker who owns a dog. Because millions of people use the New York City subway system to get from point A to point B, they sometimes have to take their dogs with them. If the dog has an appointment at the vet or the owner just wants to take Rover to the park, sometimes the only feasible way there is on the subway – unless that dog owner is willing to fork over way too many dollars for a short ride on Uber.

Recently, the Mass Transit Authority issued an ultimatum that changed things for dog owners forever. Dogs are no longer allowed on the subway unless they can fit inside of a bag. As mentioned in the first sentence, New Yorkers are a creative bunch of people. So when they heard about the change in the rules, they decided to come up with some amazing ways to work around the rules.

The official rule is: “No person may bring any animal on or into any conveyance or facility unless enclosed in a container and carried in a manner which would not annoy other passengers.”

Because a lot of lawyers live in the Big Apple, there are a lot of people who make a living trying to find their way around the rules. That means people are actively trying to bend the possibilities in their favor and try to make their doggie “container” something that works for them.

The pictures shared throughout this article exhibit the many ways passengers on MTA subways have gotten around the new rule. Because the MTA did not define what a container is and what size it must be, mass transit commuters are using tote bags, gym bags, and even those massive blue IKEA bags made out of canvas to transport their large dogs.

Some dogs, like many toy and terrier breeds, are small enough to fit into bags. Some dogs are teeny tiny enough that they can sit in someone’s purse or handbag without much strain. Other dogs are much larger and require much more creative modes to get around the rules.

Backpacks are particularly popular among New Yorkers looking for ways to transport their dogs. These not only keep the pooch contained, but they are easier to carry since most of the weight gets distributed evenly. It’s much easier to keep a Siberian Husky or Boxer still while strapped to your back than if you’re trying to hold it in a bag at your side.

What do you make of these creative ways around the rules?

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