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The Ultrasound Was “1 In 15 Million” And Dad Can Barely Stand When He Hears The Results

Impending parenthood can be overwhelming for new moms and dads, as they know their lives will change significantly, but they aren’t quite sure what to expect. For one couple, however, they had a roller coaster of emotions when their ultrasound revealed that the pregnancy was 1 in 15 million. Bethani and Tim Webb were married after two years of dating and they couldn’t wait to start their lives together.

Things were thrown for a loop, however, when, just a few months after their wedding, they found out Bethani was pregnant.

Bethani told CBC News that she was eager to start a family, but Tim wanted to be newlyweds for a bit, explaining: “My husband definitely wanted to wait a year. I was fine with whenever it ended up happening, but then we found out we were very excited, only thinking we were having one.”

After Bethani discovered she was pregnant, during a routine doctor’s visit, they had an ultrasound and were floored to find out they were having multiples: not twins, not triplets, but four identical quadruplets!

Tim was completely taken aback, as Bethani noted: “I could not believe it, I was in such shock. Honestly, I thought the ultrasound tech was joking. I couldn’t believe it… It was a good thing that my husband was sitting down because he almost fainted.”

Neither of them had a history of multiples in their family and they conceived naturally, without the use of fertility drugs, so it was very rare. The fact that they were having four identical girls was super rare, occurring in about one in 15 million pregnancies, according to

Bethanie’s pregnancy went well and they welcomed four healthy girls: Abigail, McKayla, Grace, and Emily. The new mom told the Today show at the time: “At this point, I’m not able to tell them apart. We’re going to paint their toenails and assign them each a color.”

The parents also noted that even as newborns they each had distinct personalities, with Abigail being more feisty and vocal, Emily and Grace both active, and McKayla vocal, but calm.

Bethani also explained to the Today show: “They definitely miss each other when they’re apart from their sisters,” adding, “Right now, they’re all in one crib, which is nice. Before, they were in their incubators, they were all separate and they definitely had some separation anxiety.”

With their baby boom, life understandably became very busy, as Bethani told Today: “It’s a little overwhelming knowing that I’m taking care of four little babies.” Their community helped them out in such a huge way, starting a fundraiser to assist them with buying a mini van as well as donating some much needed items.

Bethani explained: “It’s really amazing because there would be no way we could do this by ourselves.” It takes a village and they had family members, friends, and neighbors pitching in to help.

It was a big change in their life, but Bethani told CBC News: “I think my husband has gotten used to the idea that there are four babies, but I don’t think he’s gotten used to the idea that there are four identical girls.”