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The USDA Recalled 6.5 Million Pounds Of Meat. Here’s What You Need To Know

A farm in Alabama was recently forced to recall thousands of containers of eggs after a salmonella outbreak was detected in their supply chain. But they aren’t the only food producer faced with a similar fate today. The USDA and the CDC have separately released meat recalls for two infections, one for listeria and the other for salmonella. Both of these recalls are of the utmost importance to consumers.

This particular recall is no small thing. The grocery stores carrying this meat have now been instructed to remove millions of pounds of meat from the shelves in order to protect their customers.

One death has already been reported for this specific outbreak. The deceased became infected with listeria after eating ready-to-eat deli ham from North Carolina.

The ham has been shipped all over the east coast, but that’s not the only infected product. 57 people have been reported with salmonella poisoning due to infected ground beef across the country.

Officials have specifically instructed companies to recall 6.5 million pounds of beef from Arizona, and 89,000 pounds of the Carolina ham.

The ham infections all occurred more than two months ago, but officials say that their investigation is ongoing. They are urging consumers to be wary of all prepackaged deli products for the near future.

Listeria is no joke. It causes listeriosis, which causes the infected to suffer from diarrhea and intense fever. In the worst cases, it can eventually result in death.

The infected meat is sold under several different brand names, so you might want to write these down. They include Johnston County Hams Inc.  Country Style Fully Cooked Boneless Deli Ham, Goodnight Brothers Country Ham Boneless Fully Cooked, and Padow’s Hams & Deli, Inc. Fully Cooked Country Ham Boneless Glazed with Brown Sugar.

The listeria-infected ham is just one side of this dangerous equation. The beef products from Arizona are infected with salmonella, which also leads to similar symptoms. People have become infected in 16 states so far, and officials hope that the recalls will prevent that number from growing even higher.

The beef is also sold under several brand names. These include Walmart, Cedar River Farms Natural Beef, Showcase, Showcase/Walmart, and JBS Generic. Keep an eye on your meat and make sure that none of these contaminated brands are in your fridge or freezer.

Each contaminated package lists the USDA inspection number as EST.267. Double check all of your products if you want to keep yourself and your family safe from infection.

The severe issues arise when diarrhea is uncontrolled for several days. The contaminated person can become dehydrated and at that point may need hospitalization to recover.

Every regular consumer of grocery-store meat needs to be aware of the recalls and warnings that come up every now and again. These stores are not perfect, and sometimes a contaminated product can slip through the cracks. You can never be too careful when it comes to the health of your family.

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