The Van Was Clearly In A Hurry And Weaving Through Traffic, But The Driver Didn’t See This Coming : AWM

The Van Was Clearly In A Hurry And Weaving Through Traffic, But The Driver Didn’t See This Coming

Video footage showing a van jumping up and over a roundabout on the road is being compared to a “Dukes of Hazzard” moment, as the vehicle is seen flying through the air. A motorcyclist captured the car cutting in front of them, hitting the curb of the roundabout and sailing into the air. It’s almost too unbelievable to be true and definitely looks like movie magic.

Watch as the van comes from the side, drives straight for the roundabout and appears to be incapable of reading the signs and road markings that indicate the traffic flow. Add to that a pretty high speed that likely made it impossible to correct the problem, as he takes off.

Motorcyclist Andy Daynes caught the footage on his helmet cam, explaining, “I was actually on my motorbike behind him so I saw it all. I pulled over along with some other drivers to see if he was OK.”

Daynes noted, “He had to be cut out of the van — but he seemed to be alright, he wasn’t badly injured. It is quite a bad roundabout, he just didn’t see what was coming because he was going so fast.”

He added: “He was on his own, he had a few cuts and bruises but the ambulance came straight away and took him to hospital.”

Three people were injured in the ordeal and taken to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. An investigation is ongoing.

While many people were surprised that someone could hurtle over a curb like that, there were a fair amount of people who thought the video was fake. Some believed it had been sped up or that weather conditions didn’t match the time stamp.

Police did, however, confirm that the accident was real, as others who witnessed it in real-time commented on the YouTube video, with one person noting: “It happened around midday (can’t remember exact time). I was driving up to Norwich at the time. Didn’t see the accident but when I got to the roundabout about 40 seconds later, the car was on its roof and smoke coming out. There was probably 4-5 people standing on the roundabout.”

They noted how an ambulance, police car and a fire engine arrived about 15 minutes later, while others commented that there were up to three police cars at the scene.

Among those who weighed in with comments on the Daily Mail’s coverage of the incident were those who agreed that it was lucky that this driver didn’t kill someone.

Others shared just how dumb this move was, as one commenter broke it down: “He ‘overtakes’ on the left side cutting in front of the camera vehicle, his view of the road ahead was blocked by the car he then overtook on the right. Excessive speed, dangerous maneuver and a big dose of stupidity.”

Some wondered if this roundabout was a new addition to the area, but another commenter shared that’s not the case: “The roundabout is not a recent installation. It has been there for ages. There’s a big sign showing there’s a roundabout at the start of the video. There are countdown markers leading up to the roundabout. There are ‘slow down’  hash marks on the road leading up to the roundabout. The driver doesn’t brake when the roundabout appears in front of them.”