The Vet Was Confused When He Found This Pitbull Outside His Office. Then He Read The Note : AWM

The Vet Was Confused When He Found This Pitbull Outside His Office. Then He Read The Note

Desperate times call for desperate measures and in the case of one dog owner, she felt like she only had one choice — to abandon her beloved pet and hope someone would give him a loving home. So, the owner left her adorable pitbull outside of the Litchfield Hills Veterinary Animal Hospital under a tree, in a crate with all of his belongings and toys.

She also left a note, explaining the circumstances surrounding this decision and why she felt this was the only option. The note read: “My name is Fatty McFat. I am aggressive only because I’m scared. My owner loves me very much, I am their life! My human went homeless and found out they have a disease and cannot care for me. Please don’t judge them.”

The note continued: “They tried to rehome me on many documented attempts. No one cared! Attempted the vet, they did not care! Call police, dog warden, did not care. I know my human loves because they were and are the only one who gave every attempt to save me, love me, and pamper me.”

The owner continued to explain how painful this decision was to make, writing: “It is not fair for me to live in a car which I have been for 2 months and my human cries everyday that they are sorry and love me.”

Further, the note explained: “I am very, very overly protective of my human and will bite anyone who comes near them or I feel is a threat. My human went homeless due to my biting. All my human wants is for me to have a chance to be treated with care, dignity and love no matter the outcome. My human is heartbroken and very sad it has come to this. No one would help.”

There is a happy ending for the dog, thankfully, as Fatty was handed over to The Simon Foundation, who took the dog until the owner could bring him home. The foundation explained on Facebook: “It’s sad when someone has to make this choice. At The Simon Foundation, he’ll receive any needed medical care including neutering and vaccines, and behavior interaction with our trainer to help him become more secure in his new surroundings.”

The foundation later explained that Fatty and her owner finally had a happy reunion, writing on Facebook: “Fatty came to The Simon Foundation, Inc. and stayed with us for several weeks. He started out very fearful, and lets face it… grumpy! With patience and gentle encouragement, Fatty was soon showing off his skills, of sit, down, and paw. He became comfortable and calmed down. During this time, his Mom was able to find a new job, a new home and always stayed in touch with us to check on her buddy. With everything in place, Fatty was reunited with his Mom, which was a joyful experience, and he set off on a fresh start in a new home, and a new state. Thank you to all that offered words of encouragement, and donations to help with Fatty. We were able to give a check to help with his medical costs when he left. We wish them well.”

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