The Waitress Asked To Hold Her Newborn Baby, But It’s Mom’s Reaction That Is Making Headlines : AWM

The Waitress Asked To Hold Her Newborn Baby, But It’s Mom’s Reaction That Is Making Headlines

One mother shared a story about her recent experience at a restaurant. Because she took her infant son with her, who was very cute, the waitress was in love. She asked if she could hold the baby boy for a moment, and mom immediately turned her down because she was a stranger. After the incident, the mother turned to the mom forum called Mumsnet where people started criticizing this mom for being too protective of the little boy.

Because she was doubtful about the way she handled the affectionate waitress, the mom asked other moms if what she did was unreasonable. They argued that it wasn’t just unreasonable but “rude” that she had immediately denied the waitress the opportunity to hold the eight-month-old child.

The mother shared her story under the handle “Katarina12” and wrote:

“Met a friend for coffee and cake this afternoon with my 8-month-old. DS is very friendly and sociable, and the lady serving our table took quite a shine to him. She kept “popping back” to check if we were okay and to smile and wave at DS. I am very sociable myself and as DS is such a smiler I often get chatting to people out and about which I am more than happy to do.”

The upset mom continued her story and claimed the waitress started to harass her and her son.

“However, this lady wouldn’t leave us alone and persisted to keep coming back for well over an hour.”

Then she wrote:

“Finally as I was picking him up from his high chair to put him in his pram she came over and held her hands out and asked if she could hold him. I found this totally inappropriate. In my shock, my mind went absolutely blank and I rather abruptly just blurted out, ‘No, you cannot!’ I am usually a very polite easy going person, but I was so shocked by her request, and I guess instinct just kicked in.”

Mom then asked the other moms if she was right to “feel this was an inappropriate request.” And she wanted to know what other moms would have done in such a situation.

Quickly, she found out that the majority of moms found her reaction just rude and unnecessary.

“I think you overreacted a bit. Do you think you were frustrated with her because she’d been back and forth checking on DS, so you inadvertently took it out on her by saying no? She obviously was smitten with your lovely baby, which there could be a hundred reasons why. A quick cuddle would have probably made her day. She was hardly going to abscond with him, was she?!”

Another mom criticized her, saying: “I honestly can’t see why you would be rude to someone who admired your baby.”

A few people agreed that they feel awkward when other people want to hold their babies.

Do you think she was overreacting? Or did this new mom have a right to be blunt and straightforward with her refusal?