Elderly people and senior citizens have had a very hard time, on average, with the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only does the virus threaten the lives of older people more than other demographics, these people often find themselves in more solitary living arrangements that lack a support system of family and friends around them. Not only does loneliness greatly contribute to mental fatigue and strife during this time of self-isolation, but it can also be downright difficult for people to manage.

One 72-year-old woman living in London felt the pain from loneliness very hard. And that’s why she decided to seek the support of her neighbors during her time of need. Because she could use a little bit of entertainment to keep her mind occupied during the pandemic, the London woman wrote a note and stuck it on her building’s lobby door asking for people to donate their unwanted DVDs and books to her so she could have something new to read or watch.

Her note, which was very sweet, simply asked the neighbors to give a little something to keep an older woman entertained during the pandemic.

“Hi, neighbors,” the note read. “Help. Has anyone any spare books or DVDs? I am 72 and live alone and am going round the twist with nothing to read. Would much appreciate anything. Please leave outside 143 (omitted personal details). Thank you for your kindness. Keep safe and be well.”

Fortunately, the woman had some nice neighbors. Bon Cliff, a local, shared an image of the original note on Twitter along with another message making it clear that he, along with other kind-hearted people, left a goodie box of DVDs and books on the old woman’s doorstep.

“Yesterday, an elderly woman in my block taped the first note to the lobby door, so my neighbors and I dropped off some books/DVDs for her. Today she stuck up a second note.”

The response from the old woman warmed everyone’s heart. It was simple and heartfelt. This is what it said.

“Thank you, everyone. I am most touched and appreciative of your generosity and kindness. When I have finished the books, DVDs, etc., I shall leave them on the little table in the lobby for everyone to enjoy. It will take a while.”

After writing her note, she added a postscript that read:

“P.S. You have saved an old bird’s sanity.”

Because many elderly people live alone, self-isolation is not very good for their well-being. It can cause stress and make life more challenging for people. That’s why those who saw the notes on Twitter were delighted that these neighbors were able to band together to do something generous for an old woman who willingly put her need out there.

“Supporting and protecting older people living alone in the community is everyone’s business.”

“Remember, we leave no one behind. Physical distancing is not social distancing.”

Now more than ever, people need to be generous with each other. Give people the benefit of the doubt and try to be kind. It will go a long way now that people are fighting a common enemy called the novel coronavirus.

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