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The Woman Who Said She Was “Too Pretty” To Go To Jail Just Heard From The Judge

When a young, beautiful woman was arrested for driving while intoxicated, she wasn’t that worried. Because she had a lot of confidence in her good, youthful looks, she allowed the arresting officers to slap handcuffs on her and take her to jail for the night. One year later, when it was time for her to atone for her DUI in court, the young South Carolina batted her eyelashes at the judge, told him she was “too pretty” to go to jail, and so the judge let her off with nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

Is it fair that an attractive woman got off the hook just because she used sexual promiscuity to influence the weak judge? That’s what happened, and many people in South Carolina are outraged that they have let off this woman with nothing but a warning.

Last year, Lauren Cutshaw, 34, was arrested after she blew through a stop sign going 60 miles per hour. When an officer pulled the young woman over, she blew off the top of the blood alcohol content test with a level of .18 percent. That’s about twice the legal limit. She was drunk, and behind the wheel of a moving vehicle, she was dangerous.

During her arrest, Cutshaw begged the officers not to arrest her. She told them that she was “a pretty girl,” and therefore not made for life in jail. The officers did not submit to her siren song, arrested her, and charged with the DUI. However, the South Carolina judge was far too weak when it came to Cutshaw’s pretty defense. As she stood before the judge, they outlined all her credentials and batted her full, lush eyelashes at him, seducing him into letting her off with no penalty.

While in court, according to Inside Edition, Cutshaw told the judge, “I graduated from a really good, a really good university.”

She then laid it on thick, seducing the judge with her good looks and syrupy words.

“I was almost the valedictorian. I graduated with a 3.8 in my high school and got a scholarship to my college. I was an all-American cheerleader. I mean, I didn’t miss a beat my whole life. I’ve never been to jail. Please, I don’t want to know what it’s like.”

Because Cutshaw proved her entitled attitude when she argued how she was too “pretty” to go to jail despite her dangerous crimes, people in South Carolina were angry. Not only did Cutshaw lean on her prettiness to bribe the judge, but she also told him how she was a “very clean, thoroughbred, white girl.” This comment, dripping with meaning as it was, made the lascivious judge lick his lips.

In the end, Cutshaw pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor DUIT. That meant that the state of South Carolina let her off with a slap to her wrist. She didn’t have to go to jail. She didn’t have to lose her license. All that happened was that she had to pay a $187 fine, which did not even cover the cost of her trial.

Does that sound like justice to you?

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