When a Michigan woman fell into an ice-cold lake, it was dumb luck that she got rescued. Korisa Miller had been fishing with a friend on the frozen lake when she broke through the ice and fell into the freezing cold water. Fortunately, Miller was rescued from the freezing water and saved from dying of hypothermia – but the video of her rescue that was posted online opened her up to a whole other set of abuses – over her body image – that she never saw coming.

That’s right. Korisa Miller became a laughing stock of Michigan when the video of her rescue from the freezing lake was uploaded to the internet. People kept hounding her about her body as she was lifted out of the cold water to the safety of the boat. Before that happened, Miller lost all feeling in her legs as the cold water chilled her to the bone and made her muscles go numb. The water was just 36 degrees and went all the way up to her chin.

As she struggled to get out of the water, Korisa Miller begged, “Help me. I’m numb. I’m completely numb.”

It was no laughing matter for her. She was thrust into the frigid water after slipping on the ice. Then she said, “I’m stuck.”

Fortunately, fishermen were close. They were able to hold onto Korisa’s hand while they waited for police officers to arrive.

It took the group of men fifteen minutes to haul Korisa Miller from the frigid water and back onto the dock. At that point, the sheriff’s office decided to share their good work with the greater community. They uploaded the officer body camera footage to the internet, where it quickly became the butt of a joke across the state of Michigan. People were laughing at her because her body did not conform to America’s strict standard of beauty. But should people really have been using this opportunity to criticize her body? She just fell into a freezing cold lake. Unfortunately, the clip went viral across Michigan and then across the United States – for all the wrong reasons. People were not celebrating the success of the sheriff’s office for their good work in saving the life of this woman. Instead, they were just laughing at the way Korisa Miller looked while she was in desperate need of help.

“I had to hang on to stay alive,” she told the Free Press.

The fishermen tried their best to help her out of the water. But it was hard going.

“Every time they pulled up, I was getting choked on top of already hyperventilating and freaking out,” Miller said. The men removed clothing so it would not choke her to death.

When the video was posted online by the sheriff’s office, people made a lot of comments about Miller’s weight. She read every negative comment about her body.

“Hello I am the woman who fell in the water, I have read all the comments,” Miller wrote. “Some of you should be ashamed of what you are saying about me.”

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