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Their 5 Kids Died After Not Having Their Seatbelts On, But Mom And Dad Were Strapped In Safely

Unfortunately, not all stories have a happy ending. Some things happen for a reason, and others are here only to break your heart. This story is about the latter. At about 4:30 AM in Maryland on Saturday morning, a family of seven veered off of the road, killing all five children in the backseat. The adults in the front seat are still alive thanks to their seatbelts, but the kids weren’t quite as prepared.

According to WUSA9, Maryland state police commander Daniel Pickett told reporters, “The vehicle lost control, went off the left side of the roadway, struck several trees, and then began to spin across a snow-covered field.” Pickett also says the group of seven people were on their way home when this happened.

The five children who died in this one-car wreck were all between five and fifteen years old. Because they weren’t wearing seat belts, they were ejected from the car as it careened off of the road and bounced off of trees and flipped over into the grass.

Photographs have been released, showing that the back-half of the car took the main brunt of the damage. Windows, doors, and the back roof were all crushed as the car flipped and flipped, giving the kids inside minimal chance of survival.

The driver was thirty-two-year-old Dominique R. Taylor, mother of two of the children, and the passenger was twenty-three-year-old Cornell Simon. The children who died in the accident were all related: five-year-old Paris Dixon, six-year-old Rickelle Ricks, eight-year-old London Dixon, fourteen-year-old Zion Beard, and fifteen-year-old Damari Herald.

Nobody quite knows what happened to the car and why it went off of the road. The road was snowy so it could have been because of the slick conditions, but the results of the investigation were inconclusive.

“Every collision where we lose a life is a tragedy,” says Maryland state police commander Dan Picket. “And when children are involved, it’s more of a tragedy.”

This 2005 Chrysler Pacifica had only one rear row of seats, meaning that there were not enough seat belts for all of the children in the car. While the survivors of the crash recovery in the hospital, it’s important to remember that this was an accident.

Despite the kids not being strapped in correctly, we must do our best to acknowledge that this would have been the last thing the survivors would have ever wanted to happen and that we should wish them the best in a speedy recovery.

But after reading this story, make sure you use it as a lesson and make sure that you are always doing everything you can to ensure your passengers’ safety. Whether it be waiting until the roads clear, bringing a second car to have enough seat belts, or even waiting a few more hours to make sure you’ve gotten enough sleep, your passengers’ safety should always be at the forefront of your minds.

If things happen for a reason, how could something so horrific happen to these innocent children?

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