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Their Neighbor Has Been Terrorizing Them For Years, And Now The Elderly Woman Is Going To Jail

Kathleen Neal, 79, hated her neighbors. But her dislike for them went far beyond simmering anger. Neal often went above and beyond to torture the people across the fence from her. She was caught poisoning their plants by spraying weed killer on them. She also poured urine through a fence onto the plants at the neighboring property in Castle Donington, Leicestershire.

The neighbors complained about Neal’s actions and called it a “campaign of hate.” They warned her about it and asked her to stop, threatening to go to the police if it continued. Neal did not care about their warnings and continued to violate their plants and property.

Besides the weed killer and urine, Neal also waged other acts during her “campaign of intimidation,” as the victims called it. She would repeatedly call the neighbors on unregistered phone numbers and not say anything when they answered.

Because her actions were caught on camera, Neal was arrested and sentenced to prison for 28 days.

CCTV footage shows Neal pushing over plant pots after she removed a panel from the fence. She wanted the pots to fall and block a camera that she knew was in the neighbor’s yard.

The victim of this “campaign of hate” was Susan Brookes. Before all of this abuse, Neal also banged on their conservatory and shouted: “get back to your council house where you belong.”

Besides all the previously described abuse, Neal would light bonfires while Brookes was trying to do her laundry. Home prices in this part of town average about $500,000 or more.

Last year, Brookes asked the county court to give Neal a “last chance” offer. But when she refused to honor the request, she was summoned back to court and accused of nine new infractions.

Brookes (pictured) said: “Since Mrs. Neal received her eight-month suspended sentence she has again relentlessly targeted our garden with weed killer, causing criminal damage and using provocative behavior throughout 2018. No one wants to see an elderly lady go to prison, but Mrs. Neal has shown no remorse for her actions and only complete disregard and contempt for the court ruling. My husband and I therefore now hope that the shock and shame of serving a short sentence in prison will finally change her ways.”

Brookes added, “We must thank NWLDC for their support throughout along with the local police beat team who, under Inspector Richard Jackson, helped to bring Mrs. Neal to justice, and of course our own family who have been a massive support throughout.”

The chair of the Safer North West Leicestershire Partnership Councilor Trevor Pendleton echoed Brookes’ complaints.

“Neal has embarked on a campaign of intimidation, and criminal damage against her neighbors and clearly did not listen to previous punishments and warnings made in court,” Councilor Pendleton said. “We are committed to supporting the victim of this behavior, and this meant taking Neal back to court for her latest offenses. Jail is the last resort, but in this case, nothing else has worked, including the countless warnings and fines.”

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