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Their Newborn Had A Brain Hemorrhage. Once They Saw This Video, They Blame The Hospital

It has been documented that people of color receive worse treatment in hospitals and medical situations than white people. This is an upsetting statistic because we want to think of America as a place where everyone is treated equally. As an article published by Harvard writes, “It is well-established that blacks and other minority groups in the U.S. experience more illness, worse outcomes, and premature death compared with whites.”

That’s why it was not surprising that a newborn baby of a black couple was treated brashly at an Arizona hospital. When Monique Rodgers gave birth to twins on Valentine’s Day of all days, the staff at the Chandler Regional Medical center mistreated one of the babies, dropping it on its skull from an alarming height.

Harvard continues, “These health disparities were first ‘officially’ noted back in the 1980s, and through a concerted effort by government agencies resulted in some improvement, the most recent report shows ongoing differences by race and ethnicity for all measures.”

While Monique was recovering from childbirth, her husband Derrick Rodgers took out his camera and started filming. Little did he know, but he was about to capture evidence of mistreatment on video. In the clip, a member of the hospital staff dropped his daughter Morgan into the bassinet – head first.

Five days later, Morgan started exhibiting terrible symptoms. When the doctors ordered an ultrasound of the tiny baby’s head, they found that she had suffered a brain hemorrhage, which might have been from the incident when the staff member dropped her on her head.

Since the hospital staff member dropped Morgan on her head, Monique has observed the baby acting abnormally. Morgan has been seen clenching up and shaking and acting in ways that have alarmed the new parents.

Because the parents believe that their daughter was mistreated while at the Arizona hospital, they want answers. In response, the hospital said they will conduct a comprehensive review to see if it was their internal mistreatment of the baby girl that resulted in her brain hemorrhage.

Morgan’s father Derrick shared the video footage captured on his cellphone to Facebook as an effort to expose the mistreatment his family received at the Chandler Regional Medical Center. Just after her birth, Morgan is nearly dropped on the floor. However, after the doctor lost his grip on the child, another person managed to snag her from midair after her head slammed into the bassinet.

Because the video is very alarming, the clip has been shared more than 1.3 million times.

When Derrick watched his daughter get mistreated, he was enraged. He confronted the doctor. He told ABC 15 what he said.

“I told him, ‘You dropped my baby.’ He had like a nonchalant look on his face. Then I showed him the video, and he had nothing to say after that.”

Because Morgan was born premature and weighed only 3 pounds 4 ounces, she spent twelve days in the NICU. On the fifth day, she was found to have suffered a brain hemorrhage.

Doctors never acknowledged or apologized for dropping their premature baby on her head.

“For them to just drop your baby and you don’t know if there’s going to be any long-term damage because no one has ever talked to you, no one has brought it to your attention,” Monique said. The episode left her distraught.

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