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There Are 157 Dead Bodies In The Back Of This Truck, And The Reason Why Makes Me Furious

Mexican officials have a problem on their hands that is reaching epic proportions. Because of a recent epidemic of violence, officials have so many dead bodies to deal with that they no longer have the room in their morgues. As a result, Mexico is struggling to cope with the increasing body count that continues to grow seemingly by the hour. And because the morgue had been overstuffed as the country deals with a record murder rate, officials were forced to stuff decomposing corpses into a truck and leave them to rot in a field behind a housing development.

Because the morgues are stuffed, they Mexican government decided to put the bodies in the refrigerated truck. It then bounced about going from parking lots to fields and finally settling near the homeowners of a new housing development. And then they proceeded to forget about the truck it seems. And when people living in those houses began to complain of the smell, they reported it to the police who promised to investigate. And what they found rotting in the truck left them baffled. 157 dead bodies were stuffed in that truck and left to rot because the morgues were overfilled.

People who lived in the city of Guadalajara started to smell the rotting bodies. And when their complaints started coming in, officials rushed to go find out how the bodies ended up behind those residential properties.

The bodies were maintained in the refrigerated environment at the back of the truck, but that only slows decomposition and did not stop it completely. And now the truth has come forward. The bodies were already rotting, at least most of them were because they were found in a mass grave across the state.

During the first half of 2018, Mexico had as many as 16,000 murders across the country. And that was the new record ever since the records began back in 1997. It was an increase of death from the same time period in 2017.

An inspector with the government Javier Perlasca works with the human rights commission. And he said that “this was a mistake. . . and it is bothering the neighbors.”

Not only does the smell bother people, but the victims’ families are outraged and suffering from the atrocity.

“It is time to end these comings, and goings that only outrage and hurt people,” Perlasca said. And he called for local officials to do the honorable thing and give the corpses a decent burial.

As the truck was being moved to yet another location, a murder occurred in the city of Guadalajara. A young man was gunned down in the streets during the middle of the day. Images of the police surrounding his body went online as the truck was being moved to a new place.

Another incident came to a head earlier this month. People had reported dozens of family members missing. And when officials found a mass grave in the state of Veracruz packed with 174 people in 33 separate pits, they were shocked.

What do you think about Mexico’s rising murder rate?

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