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There Are Hundreds Of Dead Birds Outside This Building, And We Finally Know Why

Hundreds of birds committed mass suicide in Charlotte by crashing into the NASCAR Hall of Fame building. If you never saw the Alfred Hitchcock classic movie, The Birds, just know that what you’re about to see in the video below is similar to the horror you’ll witness in the movie. The footage, which is sickening to behold, shows the moment 300 chimney swifts crash into the tribute to NASCAR’s greatest racers and kill themselves in mass suicide, leaving their deceased carcasses strewn across the ground.

Because the building has a glass front, the architecture tricked the birds to their deaths. They thought they were going to be able to fly through it but instead crashed into the glass at high speed. Because the incident occurred at 11 pm on Tuesday night, the birds were out past their usual time of rest and were disoriented by the design of the building.

Shortly after the mass suicide at the NASCAR Hall of Fame, experts from the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue group were called to the scene. Their experience was needed to clean up the dead bird bodies and figure out what happened. Apparently, the birds continuously dove into the glass windows of the building again and again over several hours until they all collapsed dead to the ground. The birds were repeatedly crashing into the glass as they apparently tried to get into the building to roost – or simply to take their lives.

“Don’t let them hit you. There’s something wrong with them,” a terrified witness named Holl Belle said. In the video, she sounds very scared by what she is seeing unfold before her eyes. “It’s a whole flock. That’s odd.”

Belle watched the scene for some time. She could not believe as she watched the birds get back up from the ground and go back at it and tried “killing themselves again” by flying into other parts of the NASCAR Hall of Fame building in Charlotte.

The experts counted 310 birds involved in the incident. About one hundred were dead when rescuers arrived. Ten had to be euthanized because the injuries they sustained were so severe. One hundred were horribly injured but are expected to recover from their broken wings, legs, and other devastating fractures. The remaining birds appeared just to have been stunned. Rescuers hope that they can save them from the horrors of what was happening at the NASCAR building.

Belle worked at the NASCAR museum and was the key witness in the ordeal. She spoke to Charlotte Observer about the incident and admitted that the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police arrived at the scene with sirens blaring and helped clean up the injured birds. The cops urged police to get back into the safety of the building because the swifts were out of control, and they did not know what was going to happen next. Some of the responding police officers undoubtedly thought about Hitchcock’s The Birds when they saw what was happening at the museum.

What do you make of this horrific footage of the birds?

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