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There Are Over One Dozen Animals Squeezed Into Picture. How Many Can You Find (see answer)

Brain teasers are a lot of fun for the entire family. When I was growing up, my father would always give my brother and me the comic section to read on Sundays. It often included a visual brainteaser that we’d pour our attention over to figure it out. My brother and I love putting our detective skills to the test to observe the images and find all the things hidden within it. Although they claimed to be hiding “in plain sight,” they were often much more difficult to spot than you’d think.

This image poses a similar challenge. Although you probably see just two animals upon a quick glance, further observation will begin to reveal the depths within it. Peel back the image you’ll discover that it has layers upon layers of animals within it. They’re all working together to form the fabric of the image, but they’re also all independent and discrete creatures. Spend a few moments, and you should be able to find all sixteen animals in the image.

Stare at the image for a few moments. As you give it your full attention, the animals will start to appear before your eyes. Start to count how many you’ve found.

HINT: Print this page. Then you can circle the animals that you find in the picture.

The limited coloring of the image increases the difficult. Because it is only in black and white, you really need to look at every line and distinction to see where one animal starts and another animal begins.

But we promise that there are sixteen animals in this image. You just have to use all the observation skills you have to find it.

Although it is fun to push yourself to the limit on a puzzle like this, don’t hurt your brain.

Hopefully, you see the elephant first. That one is obvious. But as you continue to stare at the picture, you’ll start to see more and more creatures popping out at you.

Although some people have gotten into arguments about how many animals are in there, one person attests to finding all sixteen creatures. They shared their findings with a diagram to prove that they were not wrong to find all of them.

The first ones that should pop out to you are the elephant, the donkey, the dog, and the cat. But they’re not the only creatures hiding in plain sight in this cool brainteaser. Rack your brain and find all the other creatures.

Here’s the complete list










Bird’s head



Mosquito (yeah, look again. This one is tough!)




Although you might feel like giving up, keep at it until you find all sixteen of these creatures. Some of them are not obvious at all and require you to think outside the box to get it done. But with enough time and dedication to the process, you’ll be able to see all of them. Then you can challenge your family and friends to do it as well.

How many animals do you see in the image?