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There Is A Deadly Python Hiding In This Photo, But Only 2% Of People Are Able To Find It

Here’s a photo that has almost everyone who looks at it stumped. Consider it on the same level as Where’s Waldo, only this time it’s “where’s python,” as a deadly snake is hiding in plain sight, but it’s a real head scratcher for most people. It’s definitely a tricky one to find, but if you look hard enough maybe you’ll locate it!

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, who retrieved the snake from a home on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, posted the pic to see who had a keen eye.

The photo is taken in a kitchen, showing two bar stools next to each other, with some magazines sitting atop the stools. Taking a quick glance, it doesn’t look like there’s any more to the pic than meets the eye. But look closer… still stumped?

If you are, you’re not alone, as people responded with comments like “I can’t find it” and “There’s no snake in that photo.”

The first clue is that the snake isn’t massive in size, so anyone expecting to be clued in by noticing a giant snake can push that notion aside. Now, knowing that it’s small, and checking out the stool legs closely, perhaps you can spy it.

Specifically, the snake is seen curled around the leg of the right-hand stool. Given its size and color, it definitely blends in with its surroundings, making it a difficult find in the photo.

The snake catchers noted they would be extra points given if anyone could determine the species, as one person ventured this guess: “Too hard to get a look to figure out the species, but gotta be a scrub python at that size right?”

Many were concerned that even its diminutive size could be a danger, as one person remarked: “even though it’s small I’d leave it well alone — some of those small snakes are as toxic as those bigger ones.”

Lockie Gilding, who was there to retrieve the snake, identified it as a brown tree snake, less than a year old, according to Yahoo 7. This species is not considered to be dangerous, though it is slightly venomous.

The snake removal service posted the answer to their challenge and more photos of the little guy on Facebook in a followup post, noting: “Congrats to all those that nailed last nights ‘Spot the snake.’ This cheeky little Brown Tree Snake decided that this was a good enough hiding spot for him.”

The post added more fun facts, sharing: “Brown Tree Snakes are a nocturnal species and will typically hide out during the day to avoid their diurnal predators, which at this age is almost everything from birds to ants!”

Among those who weighed in with comments on the Daily Mail‘s post about the snake photo was one person who shared how stressful this exercise was: “Looking for the snake last week drove me into such a frenzy I had to go and lie down. Today, however, I know the answer so I am quite relaxed and quiet about it.”

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