In the Pacific Island nation of Indonesia on the island of Bali, a bizarre sight is sought by many. While thousands of tourists visit the destination for its beautiful climate and abundant wildlife, and jungle setting, there is another attraction that has been bringing people to the nation for years now. Along the busy Raya Nusa Dua Selatan Highway on Bali, a Boeing 737 sits abandoned in a large ditch for so long that it has become somewhat of a tourist attraction in recent years.

The abandoned airplane sits in a limestone quarry near the tourist destination of Pandawa beach. Since this location is a hub for travelers from across the globe, thousands of people are making a trek out to the quarry to see the abandoned Boeing 737 in all of its glory and try to figure out what happened to the aircraft and what caused it to be abandoned in Bali.

Some locals have shared one story that explains the origin of the abandoned plane. According to local legend, a rich entrepreneur brought the airplane to the island in parts and reassembled it in the quarry in the hopes of creating a restaurant that would be located inside the aircraft. However, legend has it that the business person eventually ran out of money and had to abandon the high-flying project before it could be completed.

Right now, the plane is stuck in the quarry but is accessible to those who are adventurous enough to explore it. The runway stairs are propped up against the plane, which means that people can go inside the aircraft and see what the would-be restauranteur was doing before he ran out of money to complete the project.

The plane does not have any identification or branding on it, making it impossible for the casual observer to know where it originally came from. It is also challenging to find because it is located in a remote quarry near a collection of shipping containers.

What makes this story even more bizarre is that this is not the only retired Boeing 737 on the island of Bali. One of the other abandoned Boeing 737 resides next door to a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee shop. The wing of the airplane actually presses down on the shop’s wall, hanging over an alleyway.

It’s unclear what the future holds for these two abandoned Boeing 737s on the island of Bali, but they have become a must-see attraction for many tourists who are curious about their origins.

While there isn’t a clear reason why Bali attracts abandoned Boeing 737 airplanes, it stands to reason that the place just likes to keep them close and use them as attractions. These airplanes might not be serving many purposes beyond attracting tourists to see them, but they certainly are a conversation starter as they are extremely interesting sights to behold – especially in places where airplanes do not usually exist.

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