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There Is Poop All Over The Meat You Buy At The Store. Doctors Are Suing The Government To Fix It

Although the United States government maintains that it has a “zero percent tolerance” policy when it comes to the presence of feces in our food, distinguished physicians have come forward to say how the presence of fecal matter in the United States meat supply has increased under President Trump as regulations were loosened on food suppliers. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has stood up to alert the American people that the “zero tolerance” policy only applies to “visible” fecal matter – or poop you can see – and not microscopic or small amounts.

The Physicians Committee has since filed a lawsuit against the USDA under Trump calling for the government organization to tighten regulations, so everyday Americans are not subjected to feces-infused meat products.

The committee argues that the increased prevalence of E. coli outbreaks in the United States shows that the government organization needs to take a stricter stand against the presence of feces in food sold in the United States. They think it is horrible that Americans are cooking and eating feces.

Although the North American Meat Institute, a special-interest group that advocates for the meat packing industry, insists that E. coli has nothing to do with the presence of feces, common sense tells us otherwise – as does scientific research.

The meatpacking advocates wrote, “a swab of phones and keyboards would likely find E. coli, but that doesn’t mean there is ‘poop’ on your phone.”

However, that’s exactly what the Physicians Committee thinks it would mean. If E. coli is present, then there is fecal matter there too. They’ve been fighting for years to get tighter regulation and forever wipe fecal matter from the United States food supply. And now they’ve filed a lawsuit as things have gotten even worse for the American consumer over the last two years.

The committee first learned of the horrible presence of poop in American food when they studied 120 chicken products in 2011. They examined these products sold at 15 grocery store chains across 10 US cities. They found that 48 percent of chicken examined contained fecal matter.

In their lawsuit, they’ve claimed that the presence of fecal matter has risen. Americans are eating more poop in their meat than ever before.

“We often see birds going down the line with intestines still attached, which are full of fecal contamination,” the committee wrote. “If there is no fecal contamination on the bird’s skin, however, we can do nothing to stop that bird from going down that line. It is more than reasonable to assume that once the bird gets into the chill tank (a large vat of cold water), that contamination will enter the water and contaminate all of the other carcasses in the chiller. That’s why it is sometimes called ‘fecal soup.’”

Industry insiders know just how bad the poop problem is with their meat products. But if they were forced to change, they’d have to spend more money ensuring meat quality. They just don’t want the average consumer, you, to think about it. Your ignorance is bliss, for their wallets.

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