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There Was A Cat Trapped In The Wall For Two Years. Today, Someone Finally Got Her Out

For two years, a cat lived trapped in a wall at a shopping center in South Korea. Fortunately, one shopper realized that the cat was stuck and would bring bowls of food and water for the animal to enjoy every day. However, life inside the wall was not sustainable for the furry critter. And eventually – two years after it was first stuck – crews managed to free the animal from the shopping center wall and give the cat a new lease on life.

Footage shows the rescue workers and vets come together to help free the cat from the mall’s walls. And after it was rescued, it only made sense that the cat was given to the man who had looked after it for two years. He was the one who brought the food and water for the little critter to enjoy.

Every day when he visited the mall, the man would unscrew a panel in the wall and push through cat food and water. He used two bowls, one for the food and the other for the water to hydrate the little kitty.

Reports do not indicate why it took authorities so long to rescue the cat. Had the man kept the trapped kitty a secret from others? Or did he try to alert animal rescue organizations so they’d be able to do something and save the cat from the terrible fate of being stuck in the wall as if it were a character in one of Edgar Allen Poe’s short stories?

The footage of the cat’s rescue shows the workers removing the collection of food bowls from inside the wall. They look for the feline, who is terrified by the sudden search that has commenced to save it from its prison. And when someone does get ahold of the cat, the animal tries to break free. The sudden space is a shock to the creature, which has known nothing but life inside the shopping center wall for years.

However, the rescuers know how to handle the frightened cat. They wrap her in a bundle and then rush her to a waiting vet who gives her a check over. The cat tries to break free but is given an injection to help calm her down.

The vets then give the cat a check over. They look at her vitals and search for injuries. They also check to see if she’s developed any diseases while she’s been trapped inside the wall for the previous two years. They also give her nails a trim and check out her teeth. Thankfully, she seems to be given a clean bill of health.

At this point, the feline is reunited with the man who had been watching over her for the length of her entrapment inside the wall. Because he had dedicated part of his daily routine to care for the trapped cat, he is overjoyed that he is allowed to take her home and give her a cozy life inside of his house.

He first learned about the cat when other shoppers complained about noise inside the wall. He checked it out and realized that the cat was stuck inside.

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