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There’s A Naked Troll At Universal Orlando, And Parents Are Furious About What It Does To Kids

There are all sorts of different ways to entertain kids. From the nonstop entertainment of your smartphone to an impulsive trip to the park, kids are easily bored and almost always willing to do something to get out of their boredom. Sometimes, their boredom can be fixed with an activity and other times, they may even feel better when they laugh.

But what if what they’re laughing at seems inappropriate, and what if the joke is being made at Universal Orlando?

Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida decided that they were going to cater to the inappropriate joke and add something new to a few characters’ costumes. Three trolls from the 2016 hit movie Trolls were added to the theme park’s collection of movie and TV-themed mascots.

However, one of the trolls resembles a particular scene in the movie that might catch some people off guard.

In the movie, Poppy and Branch are two eager and colorful trolls who set out on a journey to rescue some friends. Along the way, they run into Guy Diamond who, like a true comedian, farts glitter on screen. If you were in the theatre when that happened, you’d likely hear kids’ laughter bouncing all around the walls.

Universal decided to take advantage of that. They recreated the three Trolls characters and even made it so that Guy Diamond could fart glitter whenever he wanted. There are videos being passed around the internet showing the wild laughter the glitter-fart has been producing. Who knew people would have taken to it so uproariously?

Not everybody feels that way though. They think it’s a weird inclusion and that people too often subject kids to fart jokes for an easy laugh. While it’s good to make them laugh, they’re wondering if the expense for a laugh is just too high. Maybe they don’t want their kids idolizing a farter.

On Twitter, people are saying things like, “Was already hyped for our trip to @UniversalORL for Harry Potter world. Now I’m even more hyped to see Guy Diamond and his cute bum fart glitter!”

But they’re also sharing their hesitations with comments like, ““Thank you @UniversalORL for squashing what a growing desire to visit your parks again was. I love your Harry Potter spaces, but there is no way you’re getting a dime of my family’s hard-earned money if you think a naked glitter-farting-Troll roaming about is acceptable.”

Everyone is entitled to their opinion of fart jokes and slapstick humor, but I think it’s important to recognize that Universal is doing their best to make sure your kid has the best time they can have at their park. They would not be doing anything that they believe would attract negative attention and offend anyone, making them not want to return. They’re a business, after all, so they believe that they can attract people more with the fart than make people decide to not support them anymore because of it.

What do you think about the farting Guy Diamond troll at Universal?

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