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There’s A New Group Of People Claiming They Are Discriminated Against And They Want You To Stop

When it comes to eating, more and more people are saying they have dietary limitations. However, few people are as stubborn about their food as vegans. By definition, a vegan is a person who does not eat or use animal products. Being vegan does not only mean that they don’t eat burgers and pork but includes the refusal to consume or purchase anything made by animals like honey (because it is made by bees) and leather.

Now some women are coming forward to share their experience as vegans. They spoke to Mail Online about their lifestyle choice and how they have faced near-constant discrimination while dining out because they have adopted a plant-based lifestyle.

Besides the ridicule that these vegans faced, they were also given milk in their coffee, salads that contain egg products, and even honey in their tea.

However, these women are not alone in their experience of food-based discrimination. The majority of vegans (61 percent) report being “snubbed” while eating out in restaurants because they choose not to eat meat. Another 41 percent claim servers accidentally served them food that is not vegan despite their diet restrictions. And more than a third of the vegans surveyed admit they struggle to find the right foods while dining out.

More people are “going vegan” than ever before because of its health benefits and moral standpoint.

CEO of Spoon Guru, Markus Stripf, said “Whether due to an allergy or intolerance or simply just a lifestyle choice, there is an increase in the number of Brits adopting some form of exclusion diet. People with dietary needs are no longer the minority, so there’s no better time than the present to continue conversations and education about how to make food discovery more inclusive.”

One teacher from east London, 36-year-old Leah Jennings (above) admits she feels discriminated against because she has a vegan diet.

Jennings said that even though she called a chain restaurant, they failed her.

“’I have asked if they could put something simple together, the waiter giggled and replied ‘I can bring you some plain spinach if you like?’ The tone of voice and the whole situation has made me really uncomfortable.”

44-year-old Stef Bottinelli (above) also faces vegan prejudice.

“We were told they had a good selection of vegan food, but once there, all we saw on the menu was veggie curry, which in fact wasn’t vegan, so I ordered some olives instead, and that was my dinner.”

46-year-old Shalini Soni (above) also suffers from discrimination because she chooses to eat a vegan diet.

“London is supposed to be a culinary hot spot of the world, however, not for vegans. I immigrated from India years ago, and I love living here, but after coming from such a diverse food background, I struggled to find vegan food that actually had flavor,” she said. “Sadly because of the lack of choice and convenience, I have gone back to eating vegetarian and even started eating meat!”

She added, “I’m shocked how many waiters and waitresses don’t know what vegan is. I’ve been served eggs, cheese and even milk with my coffee. Even when I state this upfront.”

What do you think about the difficulty these women face because of their vegan lifestyle?

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