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These Are The Funniest Mugshots The Police Have Ever Seen

When someone gets arrested, the last thing on their mind is whether they look good for their mugshot. While I have seen instances where people took their mugshot seriously, as if it was their most recent selfie for social media, most people just look at the camera, scowl and get on with the degrading process of getting arrested. But here we’ve got a bunch of hilarious mugshots that you’re going to want to share with your friends.

The jail snaps we have here are a mishmash of funny looking people. While I don’t know if they look this way every day of their lives, when they were picked up and booked, they certainly had their funniest faces on for the camera.

Besides committing some strange crimes, these strange-looking individuals exhibited poorly maintained hair and teeth. Because of their lousy hygiene, they did not take great photos at the police station.

Some of the people featured were arrested for the strangest things. For example, Alan Dale Lee was taken to jail because of drug charges. When the Florida police saw him, they laughed. Then they started calling him “Dracula” because he has a three-tooth grin that makes him utterly unmistakable.

Another criminal featured here is Noel D. Dawson Jr. His odd face made our list after police arrested him for chasing his family member with a hatchet in Toledo, Ohio.

Michael Whittington looked pleased with himself considering how he was just arrested. He had tried to rob a bank in Denver. Perhaps, he was looking forward to the free meals that were coming to him while he was doing his time. Apparently, he needed some money.

In Alabama, police had been laughing at a certain mugshot for some time. While they lost the record of the guy’s name, the City of Moulton Police Department wanted to share the image as a joke because they had a riot laughing at the man’s long neck.

Some people thought the mullet was out of fashion, but in the community where one man lives, he rocks it with confidence. And he vows it has nothing to do with his run-in with the law the lead to his arrest and subsequent mugshot shared here.

Another man who was caught dealing in criminal activity had a captivating face. His ears, which stick out to the side, and his long jaw and goofy smile make him a memorable face among the crowd.

Michael Shoemaker looks like he makes shoes. And after he started shooting his gun at his son, cops from Glade Valley, Maryland took him in. With his red shirt, denim suspenders, and wild hairdo, you’ll never be able to forget what Shoemaker looks like.

In the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, one man was photographed sticking his tongue out at the police. Too bad we didn’t get images of what they did to him after that act of insolence.

In Florida, Luther Smith was taken in for aggravated battery. By the look at his red face and wispy mustache, you wouldn’t think he’d be violent to look at him. He resembles Santa Claus in Florida for a much-needed vacation from the North Pole.

Here are the rest of the funniest mugshots:

Which mugshot did you find funniest?