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These Bugs Are Now Invading Every State In The Country. Here’s What You Need To Know

If your skin crawls when you see a spider or some unidentified insect crawling around your home, you’re going to be disgusted when you learn the truth about the insect infestation affecting the United States. Every one of the fifty states has a problem with bedbugs right now that is getting out of control. And for anyone scared of bugs, there is nothing worse than bed bugs because they get you while you’re sleeping.

If you’re like me, even the term “bed bugs” gets your skin crawling. I feel itchy all over whenever I think about how these bloodsuckers attack us while we’re sleeping at our most vulnerable state. And I have more bad news to share. Bed bugs are not going away. To the contrary, they are actually becoming more and more common across the United States.

In a recent interview with KMOV4, Darryl Franke, the owner of SOS Pest Control based out of Kansas City came forward to address the growing bedbug problem.

Franke, who has been operating his pest control company for years, has a lot of data to share with you – and none of it is going to help you feel better about bedbugs.

“In 2002 I think we did three (bed bug) jobs. In 2004, we did 20. We did 900 last year.”

With a rate of increase like that, there could easily be twice or triple the bedbug problem in 2019.

The reason bedbugs have become so common has to do with the fact that they are no longer confined to just beds. These parasites are migrating to public places including movie theaters, libraries, airports, and daycare centers. Wherever people go, bedbugs follow. And since so many more people are living their lives on the go than they did just a decade before, bedbugs have become a lot more mobile as well. This means these parasites are following their “hosts” around and getting deposited in other areas around town. You can pretty much assume that anything with fabric in public can be a possible “hotspot” for bedbugs.

Next time you’re at the movie theater or in the airport, be careful about where you sit – it could be swarming with these bloodsuckers.

Why are bedbugs so hard to kill? Franke claims they’re tougher than most pests.

“They’re very resistant to pesticides naturally,” Franke told the news outlet. That means it takes a lot of poison to kill these pests.

Although all states across America have a bedbug problem, a few states are seeing much faster growth than others.

One study and the Bed-Bug Organization report that “infestations (have) reached epidemic levels in some states such as New York, Ohio, Florida, and California.” In other words, highly populated states have the worst bed bug problems.

Protect yourself from bedbugs with these five tips. If you see any of these, there is probably an infestation of bedbugs.

1.Rust-colored or red stains on fabric.

2. Live bugs.

3.Eggs and shells.

4.Dark spots on soft surfaces.

5.Bug bites on your body.

Have you ever faced a bedbug problem?

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