These Disgusting Photos From The Zoo Will Hopefully Get It Closed Down Forever : AWM

These Disgusting Photos From The Zoo Will Hopefully Get It Closed Down Forever

Photos from a Mexican zoo have sparked outrage around the globe. The images, which show a “starving” zebra, depict the moment that the desperate animal has no choice but to eat “its own feces” in order to survive. The creature was “dying from lack of food” and saw no other way to survive but to eat its own excrement at the San Juan de Aragon Zoo in Mexico City.

The video of this starving zebra depicts the animal at the lowest point in its life. The video appeared on the social media site of an animal welfare group that wanted to raise awareness around the horrible conditions at the zoo in Mexico City. The clip shows the zebra in a clear state of distress.

While people claimed that the zebra was not being fed enough food, the video proves that these claims were true. If the animal was willing to eat its own feces to survive, then it was in a desperate situation that had no hope of being remedied except by the zookeepers who seemed to purposely hold back food for the animal to cut down on costs of operating the zoo.

The footage was apparently recorded at the San Juan de Aragon Zoo in Mexico City where it was claimed that many animals, and not just this zebra, are in failing health.

The animal welfare group said that the zebra’s name is Karo. In the clip, you can see the poor animal eating what appears to be its own feces in a desperate bid to survive another day. With no food available for it, the creature has no choice but to put its lips and teeth to the waste product its own body had produced not long before.

The animal welfare group hopes that the video of Karo will inspire people to care more about the mistreatment of animals at this Mexican zoo.

“There is not much time. They are dying of starvation. What part don’t you understand? It is important to get rid of incompetent workers and for the animals to be attended,” the welfare group said on social media.

The animal welfare group is called Peludos Al Aire En Sintonia Por Los Ques No Tienen Voz. They want the public to understand just how badly the animals are treated at the zoo, so aid can be brought to the creatures in desperate need of it. Just last week, a wildebeest died from the horrendous conditions. The zebra in the video, Kora, also suffers from a skin condition in addition to being forced to eat its own fecal matter.

Another ten animals are also said to have died at the zoo recently. This type of treatment is simply not permissible in the eyes of those who care for the health and wellbeing of animals.

Two elephants died at the zoo during the last few years and their deaths are being investigated by authorities. Because zoo management does not want anyone to know how badly they treat the animals in their care, they have not issued a comment about the feces-eating zebra. However, the video speaks for itself.

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