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These Parents Couldn’t Believe Their Ears When Their Toddler Picked Up The Drumsticks

The internet has provided a host of new possibilities for humanity. The ability to transmit data almost instantly to any location in the world with a connection is not something to be understated. It has revolutionized our entire world, including large and small businesses on a whole. Nothing has ever been so disruptive to the status quo than what we have experienced in the last 30 years.

It has also completely turned our media and entertainment on its head. Media companies have been forced to change strategies in this era of new media. We now have access to unlimited entertainment, a never-ending stream of targeted, high-quality media for us to enjoy.

Most of us still tend to stick to the simple things though. One of my favorite types of viral videos are the ones featuring young, talented kids doing their thing.

Anyone with the time and dedication can become a pretty decent musician. But the best ones have an innate sensibility to them that exists from birth. They took to music right away and never looked back.

Leonard Lennox Noble is one of these musical prodigies. The toddler hails from Cincinnati, Ohio and now has become a local sensation! His mom noticed him drumming on a table and decided to record it to share with her friends.

Shintara Nicole Noble had no idea what was going to happen when she shared this adorable clip online. Behind the toddlers, cuteness is some real talent too! He comes from a musical family and, those skills have clearly made their way through the genetic chain.

The happy clip features Noble’s band playing a song that they composed called, “I Can.” Her son just can’t help playing along with a “drum set” made up of a small wicker table and some tiny drumsticks.

The tyke is totally adorable as he smacks away at the wicker table, and it’s easy to forget to pay attention to the actual music. Anyone who manages to focus can see for themselves just how amazing this little drummer boy is. Every beat is perfectly matched and he even hits the breaks in the right spot too!

According to Shintara, Leonard has been playing along to her music basically since he could pick up a drumstick. The boy has always had the music in his mind and now it’s time for him to shine!

“When he was a year and a half, he would come to work with me, and he would take my crochet needles, and he would be just drumming on my TV stand,” she told CBS News. “People would walk past and be like, ‘He’s going to be a drummer.'”

Shintara isn’t the only other talented musician in the family. Leonard’s father Herman spends his spare time writing and producing rap songs too. This much talent in one family is truly a rare blessing and something to be celebrated.

Leonard finally got his first drum set, all thanks to a big fan that saw his viral performance. Now he’s all set to learn how to really play and we can’t wait to see how high this little man can fly!

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