These Students Saw An Elderly Woman Attacking Her Car With A Hammer. Then She Admitted The Worst. : AWM

These Students Saw An Elderly Woman Attacking Her Car With A Hammer. Then She Admitted The Worst.

When two football players with Missouri Western witness a strange scene, they quickly jumped to action and proved they are more than just heroes on the field. As they were driving away from their college campus, the two young men, Jack Long and Shane Simpson, saw a strange situation. An old woman was swinging a hammer at a parked car. She was ravaging the vehicle. Because they did not automatically expect the worst, they assumed the woman was locked out of her car.

But they quickly challenged that line of thinking because a call to a locksmith would have solved the issue. Why use a hammer to smash in a window if the locksmith is eager to help? They started thinking. They knew something else must be going on. So they turned the car around and went back to ask the granny what was going on with her and if everything was all right. That decision couldn’t have been wiser.

Because the woman was violently wielding the hammer, they approached her cautiously. Her name was Teresa Gall. And when she saw the football players coming near, she hurried toward them. The hammer was in her fist, and she was ready to use it. The football players put up their hands to defend themselves.

But she did not strike them. Instead, she waved and called for help. She was desperate. Her keys were locked inside the car. But something else was wrong. Something was out of the ordinary.

That’s when she shouted seven words that made these “tough guys” jump to action and prove that they have hearts of gold. Gall shouted, “There’s a baby stuck in the car!”

Gall had locked her grandson, 17-month-old Liam in the car. And the temperature was rising. If she did not get into the car and save him, he could die. And she would not be able to live with the death of her toddler grandson on her conscience.

The football players did not hesitate. They proved they were everyday heroes and hurried to Gall’s aid. It was a hot, 98-degree day and a baby trapped in a vehicle was a danger thing.

And the baby was not holding up well. Liam was vomiting and losing consciousness. His grandmother had failed to call the authorities for fear of getting in trouble. As a result, her grandchild was dying.

While Jack and Shane hurried to help, Gall released her prayers to God. She needed their help.

The video of their rescue was featured on Griffon Sports Insider on YouTube. The video shows the reunion between the football heroes and Gall and Liam. The little boy is happy to see his saviors again. If it wasn’t for them, he might not have survived the hot car.

Viewers like you shared responses to the clip:

“Football may seem rough, but it teaches you to be a good person.”

“I’ve got so much respect for those guys that helped the lady to save a child’s life!”

“It’s amazing what people do for strangers.”

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