These Triplets Were Tired Of Being Mistaken For Each Other. Their Transformation Left Us Speechless : AWM

These Triplets Were Tired Of Being Mistaken For Each Other. Their Transformation Left Us Speechless

Unless you’re part of a set of twins or triplets, you don’t know what it is like to be mistaken for another person every day of your life. But that’s what Amy, Lauren, and Jan experienced throughout their childhood and adult life – until they decided to do something about it. Because they were a rare set of identical triplets, Amy, Lauren, and Jan constantly got mistaken for each other at least until they all turned twenty-seven and underwent a dramatic makeover to make sure no one would ever get their names wrong again.

Amy, Lauren, and Jan don’t just look alike – they look so similar their parents cannot even tell them apart. In order to make sure their parents did not call their children the wrong names, they would dress the girls in different colors, forcing them to appear different in public. The colors the girls were assigned were pink, yellow, and blue. But that solution was not very good given that the girls could just change their outfits if they wanted to trick their parents or anyone else for that matter.

Eventually, it was time for the sisters to take action. It only took them twenty-seven years. But they were eventually called onto the Rachel Ray show where the host offered them a chance to switch things up and shake up their routine.

The sisters were so stuck in their ways, that when Jan introduced herself on the show, she called herself the “blue” sister even though her electric personality should have been enough to set her apart. But that was never enough for her parents or anyone else who met the trio of sisters, so they decided it was time to ask Rachel Ray to help them.

Part of the reason the sisters were mistaken for each other in adulthood had to do with the triplets themselves. They wore their hair in matching styles and even wore their makeup in the same way. That was all about to change as soon as Rachel Ray and her team had the opportunity to give these triplets a makeover that would set them apart from each other once and for all. And while they loved their sisters and being a set of triplets, they wanted their unique identities too – that was what Rachel was able to promise them.

In the video, you’ll watch as Rachel Ray awaits the triplet’s grand reveal. Because she has set her team of stylists on the triplets, the host of the show has not seen them either. When they step out onto the stage, Rachel Ray cannot believe her eyes – she’s as happy as the triplets are with their grand transformation.

If you’re ready to see how great Amy, Lauren, and Jan look after their makeover, press play on the Rachel Ray video below. Makeovers are inspiring, but what Rachel’s team of stylists did for the triplets is amazing.

What do you think about their transformation? Would you be able to tell them apart from each other now?

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