These Twins Were Born Weighing Just 1lb. And Struggling. Mom Holds Them And Doctors Are Shocked : AWM

These Twins Were Born Weighing Just 1lb. And Struggling. Mom Holds Them And Doctors Are Shocked

Pregnant with twins, the Ridleys were nervous about how they would balance their lives with two new babies joining a toddler. Life would be busy for sure, but mom and dad were certainly up for the exciting challenge. New challenges awaited the family, however, when, 19 weeks into her pregnancy, mom went into labor and was rushed to the hospital with doctors determining she had to deliver the babies early.

Given the early arrival at 22 weeks gestation, the premature babies would face many obstacles, most notably their chances of survival, which were slim. The twins miraculously survived birth and Hunter and Darcy were transferred to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit as they continued their journey.

The babies spent many months in the hospital and, despite Darcy having significant medical issues, the twins survived and thrived. The family documented the twins’ premature arrival, with mom and dad explaining in the YouTube video’s description: “Against all odds they survived. They are my heroes.” Among the photos of their little miracles, they explained, “At birth, Darcy suffered a grade 4 bleed on her brain. She was not expected to survive. She fought on.”

One photo in the video showed the joyful parents holding their babies when they could finally leave the hospital, explaining: “Finally going home after 6 months,” followed by pictures of their thriving and healthy babies. Further explanation noted that “Darcy has suffered mild cerebral palsy and optic nerve damage to her eyes” and “Hunter is a little delayed but otherwise fine. He requires ongoing surgery to correct a squint. Overall we are blessed to have them.”

The father gave an update in the comments section about their miracle babies and addressed some of the negative comments they received, writing: Thought I would check in and give all an update on the twins. Reading through the comments I noticed that there are a few negative and insulting comments. For you who think it is ok to insult me and my children get a life. I do not appreciate comments referring to my children as garbage and that they should have been flushed down the toilet. And yes I did get ‘fat’ over the course of my stressful 6 months but the weight is long gone. I hope to upload a new video of the twins soon, who are now 8 and doing great. We do have a few issues but nothing we can’t handle.”

He continued: “To me my kids are true heroes and I hope they continue to give people hope. If you have hope and believe anything is possible. I will be deleting the horrible post on here and will endeavour to keep a close eye on it. Once again thank you to all who have left positive comments.”

Many people who watched the video weighed in with supportive comments, such as: “God bless them both!! Such amazing little fighters,” “This is amazing! What a blessing,” and “This had to be the most amazing thing I have ever seen! I am SO happy for all of you! Miracles truly happen!”