These Two Sisters Were So Proud Of Their Routine, But Their Brother Steps In And Steals The Show : AWM

These Two Sisters Were So Proud Of Their Routine, But Their Brother Steps In And Steals The Show

When kids are young, it can be easy for them to get along. They can dive into their imaginary worlds as they play with their dolls and action figures. But as children grow up and reach these preteen and teenage years, it can be more challenging for them to be friends with each other. Although the love is still there, siblings can fight more than they show each other the love they deserve.

But having a brother or sister is a great thing. It gives children a person to go through life with and have fun with. And they are always someone to laugh with. You can’t imagine all the inside jokes siblings make with each other.

In the video below, two sisters don their cheerleading gear. But they needed some help, so they recruited their younger brother for a simple, but crucial, task. Because they wanted to film their cheer routine, they needed someone to turn on the music. Their little brother was just the one for the job. But the two girls had no idea that their brother would put on the show of his life behind them. After pressing play, the music turned on, and the little brother did not waste a moment to poke fun at his older sisters’ cheerleading routine.

Mom was watching the whole thing unfold, and could hardly contain her laughter. Because she was behind the camera, she watched as her young son stole the show behind her serious daughters. With the girls cheering in the foreground, the younger brother proceeds to ruin everything with his impromptu dance routine. Although no one asked him to dance in the video, he did not hesitate to draw the attention to himself and prank his older sisters – while making everyone laugh in the process.

With big smiles plastered on their face, the girls take their routine very seriously. They urge the audience to get up and cheer, “I can make your hands clap!” But little do they know it is not them that has the audience clapping along – it is their little brother. With that cheer, he starts to smack his behind in a hilarious way. Although the girls never noticed their little brother destroying their video in the background, when they watched the footage a few minutes later we can imagine the outrage they must have felt. Hopefully, they saw the humor in the joke after the initial disappointment and rage wore off.

The video went on YouTube last year. Mom Kim Kramer shared the clip along with the following description:

“My daughters had me videotape them practicing their cheer dance so they could watch it and critique themselves. They had absolutely no clue that their brother was stealing the show in the background! They were not too happy when they ended up watching the video! (But their brother sure does have some dance moves!) It took all I had not to bust out laughing while videoing!!”

What do you think of the little guy’s dance moves? Should he try out for dancing too?