Ever since he was a child, Ethan Young was bullied over his weight. And no matter how hard he tried to shed the pounds, he just couldn’t do it. The anxiety and depression he felt from the constant bullying certainly didn’t help either, and while “people made me feel like it was a horrendous thing. I felt like I mattered less,” he managed to turn his life around and is now getting the last laugh.

While Taylor might not have been as thin as his classmates, he focused on his work and got great greats in class. He managed to get into the college of his dreams while the bullies, who were always preoccupied with stupid stuff – like trying to make Taylor feel like he “mattered less” – stayed where they were and got unfulfilling jobs.

During his time in college, Taylor felt the results of all the years of bullying very much. Because he was away from his family, he was more vulnerable, and the horrible things people had previously said to him returned to his mind time and time again. He turned to alcohol to forget.

When the New Year came, Taylor made a resolution. He was going to turn his life around. He was going to move beyond the bullies, and he was going to lose weight and get the body he always wanted.

He joined the local gym. He gave up McDonald’s and introduced himself to salads.

But weight loss was not motivating enough for him. He decided to set a fitness goal – so he signed up for the Chicagoland Spring Half Marathon.

Taylor trained hard, working with his brother to shed weight. He steadily grew stronger and eventually lost 184 pounds.

And in May 2019, he finished the race.

Anytime Fitness published a video on YouTube about Ethan Taylor’s journey. He’s lost a lot of weight since he first began and has had extreme success with changing his diet and exercise habits.

This is the video description: “Bullied because of his weight as a child, things got so bad for Ethan in college that he left a suicide note on his phone. At his heaviest, Ethan weighed 378 pounds, and he was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Two years ago, at age 19, Ethan joined Anytime Fitness in Rockford, IL, and began working out with a personal trainer. With support and encouragement from the trainer and other gym staff members, Ethan has lost exactly half his body weight—189 pounds—and he’s now “paying it forward” by leading a twice-weekly walking group and encouraging others to lead healthy lifestyles.”

Viewers on YouTube expressed their pride in Ethan Taylor’s journey from depression to fitness. Here’s what some people said:

“How courageous to walk through that door the first day and look where you are now? Not only did you do something so amazing for yourself, but for others too.”

“You are inspirational, and you can do it the world is cruel, and you persevered over them.”

What’s your reaction to this young man’s weight loss journey?

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