They Couldn’t Find Their Toddler Anywhere. Then They Realized He Wasn’t The Only One Missing. : AWM

They Couldn’t Find Their Toddler Anywhere. Then They Realized He Wasn’t The Only One Missing.

Most people would agree that parents these days can be a little overprotective of their children. They won’t let them play outside in the yard alone, always making sure they are within an arms reach in case anything bad happens. While ensuring your child’s safety is important, it is also smart to encourage your child to be independent as well.

3-year-old Carson from North Dakota is a very independent child, often left to play outside with his dog Cooper for as long as he likes. Cooper was discovered by the family laying in a ditch as a puppy and adopted him as one of the family almost immediately.

A few years later, Carson was born and the pair struck up an immediate friendship. They play in the yard for hours, while dad is often doing outdoor chores, mom cleaning up inside. A typical day like this quickly turned into a nightmare as mom looked outside to see Carson playing only to find that there was no little boy in the yard.

“I lost him, I guess you could say,” Courtney told WDAY. “It was hard. You know you just kind of start thinking the worst.”

Courtney called and called, but Carson was nowhere to be found. She quickly realize that Cooper was also missing and held onto the hope that perhaps the dog would take care of the boy if danger arose. They called the police and a massive search began, all across their property and those nearby. 200 volunteers showed up to assist, along with a search helicopter and plane.

When you live on a farm, there’s a lot of places for a child to disappear to if given an hour or two on their own. Carson was especially adventurous, unluckily for his loving parents this unfortunate time.

“I knew that Cooper was gone, so if anybody was going to find him, they would just have to find Cooper,” she continued.

Amazingly, it didn’t take long for the search party to locate the missing boy. Carson was found about a mile away from home, an incredibly long distance for a young toddler to travel. Cooper was found sitting on top of Carson, keeping him safe and warm.

“I just ran, I ran to the ambulance,” Courtney said, fighting back tears. “Great dog, I just didn’t realize he would actually be like laying on him and keeping him warm, protecting him.”

Cooper’s life was saved by this family so many years ago, and it’s amazing that he was able to potentially save this curious boy’s life from any sort of harm. Dog’s have an amazing ability to sense when humans need help, but few can claim to be a hero like this amazing dog!

“He came up to me today like, ‘Mom, I was really scared!” she continued. “‘But Cooper laid on me!’ he goes, ‘He kept me warm.’ So I said, ‘What about your feet?’ and he said, ‘No, not those.'”

Have you ever experienced anything like this as a parent or child?