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They Finally Caught The Refugee Who Tried To Rape Two Women On The Same Day

This is the face of a man who violently attacked women for no good reason. After traveling around the United Kingdom on the train in search of vulnerable women to make his victims, this man was found guilty of striking twice within hours. Now 32-year-old Temesgen Desta has been convicting of raping a woman in her apartment in March and raping another woman across the country only eight hours prior.

Desta’s first victim managed to get away from his assault. He attempted to choke her and rape her in Crosby, Merseyside but had failed on that count. Hours later, after a long train ride, Desta found another woman alone in her apartment. He used her bathrobe cord to tie her hands and grabbed her by the throat as he violently raped her. But she never forgot his face. She lived in hotels following the attack because she no longer felt safe at home.

Her victim impact statement said: “I couldn’t imagine going to sleep in the same bed and answering the same door. One of the scariest things was when the postman delivered the mail.”

Following the pair of attacks, which police managed to link together, a nationwide manhunt was launched to find Desta, who was a refugee from Ethiopia. Police figured out pretty quickly that he was riding up and down the rail network of the island country looking for vulnerable women he could turn into his rape victims.

Desta arrived from Ethiopia to the United Kingdom in 2017. He was caught by police on March 21 when he tried to take a ferry from western Scotland to Belfast.

During the course of his trial, the prosecution had to list out the vile acts he committed against his female victims. They presented the evidence. It was not hard for the jury to find Desta guilty of the crimes he was charged with, which included rape, intention to rape, and two counts of false imprisonment. The Birmingham Crown Court did not go easy on the man once he was convicted.

This week, he finally learned his fate. He was given a life sentence with a minimum of ten years behind bars.

Judge Melbourne Inman, QC, who serves as the Recorder of Birmingham, said: “You are a violent, predatory rapist. You attacked two women in different cities in this country in about eight hours.”

Both victims had reported that they thought Desta was doing to kill them after completing the rape.

“These were determined attacks with extreme violence on two women in two different parts of the country within a matter of hours. You have no remorse. You have no insight into your offending. The nature of the attacks is such that a dangerous finding is inevitable. There is no alternative sentence that would provide protection to the public, and therefore this court must impose a sentence of life imprisonment. What your position is in relation to this country, and your status is not a matter to me.”

The British judge decided to lock away the “violent, predatory rapist” because he posed a threat to the women of the United Kingdom. Despite being a refugee, he was not given any preferential treatment.

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