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They Heard A Strange Sound Coming From The Well, But Never Expected What Was Trying To Climb Out

If you were walking by an open well in a remote village, would you stay clear of it? I know I would. I wouldn’t want to fall down accidentally and end up stuck in there until a rescuer came by. But what if you were walking and then heard a strange noise coming from within the well? What if it sounded like something alive and desperate for help? Would you be willing to go over and investigate? Or would you ignore your curiosity and leave the scene before things get weird.

In Sri Lanka, villagers noticed this exact situation. But the creature in the well was not so much of a mystery. They knew exactly what it was when they heard the sound. It was a baby elephant. And the critter had merely fallen into the well because it was sipping up a drink.

The villagers came together to help pull the large mammal from the well and rescue it. The baby was only four-months-old. So when locals found the calf in the six-foot-deep well, their hearts went out to it. They wanted to help save it. So they banded together and got to work pulling it from the well in Ampara, which is located in the Eastern Providence on the island nation.

The rescuers from the forest and wildlife department rushed to the scene after villagers reported it.

When the rescuers arrived, they faced a problem. The calf’s mother and the rest of the herd were close by. They did not know if they could trust the human rescuers or not. But eventually, the officials were able to chase the others away so they could get to work pulling the calf from the well. In the end, they made it.

But it was not easy.

Officials began to dig around the well to create more space for the baby elephant to wriggle around. They called in a backhoe machine and began to tear apart the well. They removed the cement block and helped make enough space to lift the elephant out.

Villagers were touched when the elephant was rescued. It was a lot of work, but it was worth saving the intelligent creature.

Local resident Samara Simha claims that “elephants venture into the area to drink water from the wells. The calf, part of a large herd, might had fallen into the well as the water level was beyond its reach.”

The baby was just a baby. It didn’t mean to fall in but did after losing balance.

The animal rescue took five hours. And the forest and wildlife authorities were the ones who had the necessary tools, machines, and manpower to finish the job.

Once they got it out of the well, they rubbed some medicine on it’s wounds and let it go with it’s mother, who I’m sure was very grateful. After the rescue, the mother elephant and the baby run together into the forest to get as far away from the nightmarish well.

Would you know what to do if you came across an animal stuck in a well? What if it was something as large as a baby elephant?