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They Rushed Their Coughing Pup To The Vet, But When The Diagnosis Comes Back Everyone Laughs

You never want to get an emergency call while you’re on the job. But when the family dog started having a coughing fit, dad got a call that left him scrambling. Because he loved his canine best friend more than anything, he was willing to lose a few hours of pay in order to rush the dog to the veterinarian and hopefully save the pup’s life.

But as fate would have it, Alex Longhurst and his wife Kennady would learn just what was wrong with their dog, Sullivan. And it was not as dangerous and life-threatening as they had imagined. Instead, the vet’s diagnosis left the entire family in tears of laughter.

At home in Utah, Sullivan wants not. He lives the most luxurious life a dog can have. He gets all the food he can eat. He goes outside to play and to have his walks. And he gets plenty of time with Alex and Kennady, whom he loves to cuddle with on the couch.

But on this day, Kennady was about to leave Sullivan alone at home because she had to go to work. She had just come home for lunch and wanted to be there for the pup because he was her pride and joy. That’s when he started having a coughing fit that made Kennady worry that he was dying.

She spoke to The Dodo about the dire situation and how she “freaked out” when she heard the dog hacking a lung.

“It really, really freaked me out. He was wagging his tail and running around and just wanted to play but also kept making this horrific noise.”

As any good dog mother would do, she started to seek help. First, she called her husband Alex and explained the coughing noise coming from Sullivan. She even tried to hold the phone out to the dog so Alex could hear just how bad it was at home. But she also needed his help. Because Kennady could not miss work, Alex was forced to lose a few hours on the job to come to Sullivan’s rescue. And when he came home, he found the dog still coughing like his life depended on it. Then it suddenly stopped. Did Alex’s presence cure Sullivan’s cough? It seemed liked it.

But the next morning, Sullivan started up again. And it was much worse than before. Once again Alex took time out of work to take Sullivan to the vet. He was worried, and so was Kennady. But when the vet tech took a thorough look at the dog, it was clear that his symptom was the result of something rather innocuous. The vet tech told Alex that Sullivan was faking the cough to get more attention from his owners.

More attention? Alex could not believe his dog was a faker like that. He didn’t believe the vet. They showered Sullivan in love. So he decided to get another opinion. And he made more appointments with other vets. But they all told him the same thing – his dog was faking the cough to get more love.

Have you known a dog to fake coughing to keep the owners home?

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