They Spot Large Snake With Odd Shaped Belly, Doesn’t Take Long To Realize Who Is Missing (video) : AWM

They Spot Large Snake With Odd Shaped Belly, Doesn’t Take Long To Realize Who Is Missing (video)

It happens to the best of us. Sometimes we eat more than we can stomach. Perhaps your weakness is cake or ice cream. Or maybe you’re more likely to overeat garlic mashed potatoes or burritos. Whatever it is that you chronically eat too much, I feel you. My thing is ice cream. But this four-meter python has bitten off more than it can chew. And this time, it swallowed a cat whole. However, rescue workers found the dangerous animal hiding behind a childcare center and knew that they could not let it stay where it was.

And as a result, they force this snake to regurgitate the giant meal it had just swallowed whole.

The incident was filmed outside of a daycare in Bangkok, Thailand. There, snakes like this are pretty standard.

As you watch, you’ll see the rescue workers help massage the cat out of the snake’s mouth. They use their hands to help ease the meal out of the reptile’s digestive tract.

Before long, the cat’s paws start protruding from the python’s jaws.

Although the moment was caught on camera, it is absolutely disturbing. The video is stomach churning, so those who are not able to handle the graphic images, should probably steer clear and watch a puppy video instead.

The python was simply digesting its cat meal when someone walked past it and saw it lurking behind the childcare center in Bangkok. Although the snake was trying to mind its own business and digest the cat, citizens did not want the giant reptile lurking near children. And for a good reason.

When the rescue workers came to the scene, they started to massage the dead cat out of the snake’s body.

When the video comes to a close, the cat starts ejecting out of the snake’s wide jaws. Good thing we didn’t see the footage of the snake taking this poor cat into its body.

“I wanted to let him get the food out from its belly naturally, but staff said that would not have been successful,” one said rescue worker said.

The woman who filmed the ordeal said, “It was a cat that came out.”

Because the snake was close to the little children at the center, it was a good thing passersby saw it lurking behind the building.

“Oh my god, this was so scary. I didn’t want to get too close while I was filming it,” the rescue worker said. “It’s very rare to see a python doing this as normally it will eat something and keep quiet in its own little place.”

Rescue workers suspect that the snake ate the cat about three days before it was found behind the childcare center. And after they massage the dead cat out of its stomach, they brought the snake to the jungle and released it into the wild where it belongs.

If you came upon a huge snake like this python, would you be able to keep your cool and notify an animal rescue service?