They Told Her She Was Too Heavy To Have A Pedicure, So She Decided To Shame Them On Social Media : AWM

They Told Her She Was Too Heavy To Have A Pedicure, So She Decided To Shame Them On Social Media

A South Carolina woman who was told she was too heavy to get a pedicure found the perfect way to get back at the nail salon. She took to social media to shame them for their policy and she received plenty of support in the process. Amanda Wolfenbarger hoped to spend a relaxing day being pampered at the salon, but was completely shocked by her treatment.

Amanda went to a business called Nail Spa, where she explained that a man brought her to a seat to soak her toes for 10 minutes before remarking that she was “too big” for a pedicure.

Amanda wrote on Facebook: “So I go for a pedicure because I want to sit in the chair and massage my back… ultra headache… so they tell me where to sit. Start the water and put my feet in… THEN… a worker man tells me and I quote ‘You are too big for pedicure.’ I said huh… then he shows me the policy hanging up in the salon… lo and behold they did it to another woman too… Guess who is calling the news?”

She posted images of the business’ information as well as a sign stating their policies. Among the policies, a line reads: “We are not accepting any person over 250 pounds for pedicure service, sorry!”

Amanda explained her reaction to WMBF News, noting: “It was embarrassing. You get that knot in your stomach and your heart drops a little bit.” She refused to tell the salon employees her weight.

According to Amanda, the salon nail technician’s explanation was that she would “break the chair” because she was “too big.”

She added, “Why even sit me? There’s a more tactful way of approaching someone and he could have explained it at the counter.”

Further, Crystal Smith, a Nail Spa customer agreed, saying, “It was inappropriate the way it had been placed on there. It was actually in a rude manner.”

The nail salon’s owner, Tina Bui, told WMBF that she has since apologized to Amanda, explaining that the rule is in place because the chairs have weight limits and that the rule is intended “for customer safety.”

She explained: “[I’m] sorry that happened today and made my customer [who] came to my nail shop unhappy and hurt her feelings. I tried to say sorry… that happened to her.”

She further explained that she would be “really happy to do” anything to make it up to Amanda.

Amanda further explained to The State that she won’t be returning, sharing, “She said ‘I’m sorry this happened to you. I can’t help it,’” adding, “I can accept an apology, but I’m not going to put myself in position where it could happen again. I’m not going back.”

She hopes that her unpleasant experience is a wake up call for other businesses, noting: “Treat your customers nicely, they are spending a lot of money. Everybody is not the same size, everybody is not in the same situation. Make an effort and be grateful for your clients.”