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They Told Me They Were Going To Give Their Baby A Tattoo, But I Didn’t Believe Them

In Vietnam, a family forced a baby to get a tattoo while they watched it happen. The moment, which was filmed, is horrifying. And it is unbelievable that not only the family would watch the infant get a tattoo, but that a tattoo artist would perform the service on such a young child. In the clip, it appears the infant is getting a cartoon inked into its skin. And you can hear the baby crying and screaming while the tattoo artist holds it down and continues to tear into its skin with the ink needle.

Because the tot doesn’t want the pain, the adults in the room hold the child still so the artist can finish the work. The cartoon sketch is forever inked into the little one’s chest.

The cries of the infant do not come through in the video. Nonetheless, you know that child must be screaming. It is moving around frantically like it is being tortured – which in a way it is. No family should put an infant through that suffering especially since it is a permanent decision that the individual should have some say in.

The clip was initially posted with the caption “bay gets some ink.” Viewers were stunned, but some doubt the authenticity and honesty of the clip. Could it have been filmed as a stunt? Was the baby really tattooed?

Nevertheless, viewers shared their comments.

“That’s cruel.”

“That’s just not right.”

The doubters shared their disbelief, writing:

“Grown men cry when they get a chest tattoo, and this little child doesn’t react at all. Fake as h***.”

Another agreed that the video is probably fake.

“There’s a chance this is fake unless the baby is sedated.”

“It’s just a stencil. If this were real, the baby would be crying.”

Tattoos are extremely popular now. Today many people have at least one tattoo inked into their skin for the rest of their life. And while new options to remove tattoos continue to become available, getting a tattoo is still pretty much a permanent decision.

Nevertheless, teens and underage children sometimes want to ink up their bodies. They feel that it is cool to do it and want to join the ranks of the adults they see on television and in the movies who have tattoos all over their arms and legs. But parents need to give their underage children permission to get a tattoo – unless the child gains access to a fake identification, which is illegal.

In an article posted on The Week back in 2015, a mother explained why she helped her underage son go to Las Vegas to get a large tattoo. And now she is regretting it but not before setting it all up.

“I arrange rides, booked flights, got a hotel, and even pleaded with a reputed Sin City ink slinger to defy his own no-minors policy and scar this child’s otherwise flawless forearm forever.”

She claims that her decision was a year in the making.

“A year ago, I discovered I was ready to let our son decide what his skin looks like.”

She made a deal with him. If he gets straight A’s, he can get his tattoo.

After she let her son go through with the tattoo in Las Vegas, he came home with regrets.