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They Used Her Sick Daughter’s Photos To Promote Abortion, And Then Mom Takes Action

Dealing with medical problems at any age is difficult. But as a young child, it can seem incredibly unfair to have to deal with issues that few others have to. One young girl was born with countless medical problems and deformities, but she maintains a positive outlook on the entire situation, no matter how difficult or complicated her medical problems become.

A lot of this strength that 9-year-old Sophia Weaver has comes from having strong, supporting parents. Her mom has been there through every issue, from the deformities in her ligaments to yet another difficult issue: Rett syndrone.

Rett syndrome is a rare neurological disorder that slows down and stops the natural progress of the brain’s development. It has left Sophia without the ability to control her body or speech. She can barely move her body at all and has no ability to communicate with the people who love her.

“She’s had 22 surgeries,” her mom Natalie told CNN in a recent interview. “She has a feed tube. a colostomy bag. She has seizures and choking spells because of both the deformities and the Rett syndrome.”

Every hour of the day, she has loving family members around to take care of her. She needs all the care she can get due to her host of medical problems, but of course another issue has come up in recent months.

Her mother Natalie has become an activist in the online healthcare place, and she does a ton of good spreading awareness for issues like those her poor daughter is dealing with. But it has also opened her up to criticism and insults online, from sad, sick people with nothing better to do than tease a struggling, deformed young girl.

“People, they seek you out and want to hurt you. There are people who go out of their way to make sure you see their cruelty. I get people telling me to kill my child, to put her out of her misery,” Natalie continued.

Many posts online are critical, saying it is cruel to let Sophia live in this painful state. Others are downright evil, even going so far as to use Sophia’s image as evidence of why abortion exists.

Despite repeated attempts by Natalie to have the damaging and traumatic content removed, Twitter has not done a single thing about it. This woman and her daughter are being abused, plain and simple.

“I blocked it. I just hoped it was gone,” Natalie described. “But it was never removed. The account remained.”

Natalie began to spread the word through local news and viral media, getting the story out to hopefully get the attention of Twitter and remove these terrible posts.

Twitter finally responded by taking down the content and banning the accounts, but sadly new ones are popping up as well. These days, once you lose control of your online persona it can be very hard to get it back from people.

Natalie continues her fight as a healthcare activist, using her non-profit organization Advocates for Medically Fragile Kids to help families find affordable medical care.

How do you think Twitter should react to sad situations like this?