Last Monday, Amanda McCormick and Linda Johnson walked into a Tennessee Dollar General store with a “smart” idea. The pair figured that they would make their dollar store purchase with a counterfeit $1 million bill. The pair had a shopping cart full of goods that included gift cards for other stores as well as other essentials. McCormick was the one who tried to pay with the fake bill and claimed that she received the trusted $1 million bill “from a church” and should be trusted.

Now, 39-year-old McCormick and 61-year-old Johnson have been reprimanded for their failed attempt to swindle the Dollar General location in Maryville, TN. The employees called the police on the pair because they were trying to pay with the fake money, and both were arrested as a result.

After the pair were caught, McCormick claimed that she was making the gift card purchase so she could distribute the goods to people in need, including many of Tennessee’s homeless people. However, the Dollar General employee had no choice but to deny the women the sale because the money presented was obviously fake. There are no $1 million bills used in the United States. The largest bill in circulation is the $100 bill that has the image of Benjamin Franklin on it.

Police arrived at the scene after they were called by the Dollar General employee. The sheriff sent deputies to the store, and these police officers asked the pair of women about the “church” that had allegedly sent them the counterfeit money. McCormick did not provide further information about the generous church.

Meanwhile, Johnson, who is older than McCormick, pretended not to know anything about the scheme when asked by police. Johnson claimed that she was just caught in the crossfire because she was running errands with McCormick and had no idea that the other woman was going to be using counterfeit money to buy the goods at the Dollar General store.

Both women have been banned from the Dollar General for trying to steal from the store with counterfeit money.

Hundreds of readers of Daily Mail shared reactions to the “stupidity” of these women for trying to buy goods with counterfeit money.

“That’s a lot of stupidity to wrap your head around. On the other hand, this is the funniest story today. Congratulations.”

“Just because I feel sorry for them, and I do, doesn’t mean that I don’t also think that we cannot have people this stupid circulating in society.”

“That would have been a lot of change.”

“Criminal masterminds.”

“One million dollars and still shopping at a dollar general. Haha.”

On the day that former police officer Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd, Floyd had allegedly tried to make a purchase with a counterfeit $20 bill. The officers responding to that scene ended up killing Floyd. Meanwhile, McCormick and Johnson were not even charged despite their flagrant attempt to swindle the dollar store.

What do you think about this attempted crime at the Dollar General in Tennessee? Should these women have been charged?

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