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They Wanted A Closer Picture Of The Animals, But Then They Realized They Made A Terrible Mistake

When you’re around dangerous animals, what is your instinct? For most people, it is to remain in a safe place, so the predators don’t chase after you and try to attack. But survival skills were lacking when a French family took a trip to a Dutch safari park. Instead of staying inside the truck like sane people, the family decided to leave the safety of the vehicle and put themselves in a dangerous situation.

While the tourists from France were supposed to stay in their car during the drive-thru Safari park in the Netherlands, they ignored the rules so they could get a better photo opportunity. The family saw the cheetahs in the park. So they got out of their car and approached. You can guess what happened next.

When the cheetahs saw the French family, they let their killer instinct kick in. They started to chase the humans, which forced them to flee from the killer big cats.

A witness happened to film the moment when the family got out of their car. They approached the cheetahs to get better photos, but it failed miserably. And you can see the big cats chasing the tourists as they ran for their lives away from the predator.

The tourists traveled from France to the Netherlands to visit Beekse Bergen. This drive-thru African wildlife safari park allows visitors to drive their vehicles through the park to get a good look at the wild animals. They have some rules. But the most obvious rule is that tourists are not allowed to exit their vehicles.

The French family of five decided to ignore the rules. Either they missed that instruction or decided to go rogue and experience the park their way. The family didn’t just approach cheetahs once. They did it twice while the big cats were sunning themselves.

The people in the car behind the risk-taking tourists could not believe their eyes. They knew better than to go out and walk with the cheetahs, but the French family wanted those great photos for their Instagram page and decided to break the rules.

While the first incident went off without a hitch, the second was a disaster. Perhaps, the family with the French-registered plates thought they were okay since the first time was fine. However, this time the cheetahs were not as welcoming. They are the fastest land animals and were willing to prove that fact to the family for being foolish enough to exit their vehicles and approach.

The cheetahs rise up and run toward the family, which has three adults and two children. But the cheetahs are so fast the family fails to see them running toward them until the last minute.

They all run for the car except for one woman who stops to pick up a small child as she shoos the cheetahs away. It is amazing that the family gets back to their car with all their limbs intact.

Watch the footage below to see the crazy incident unfold before your eyes!

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