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They Went On National Television And Admitted What They Were Doing, And Now The Police Are After Them

It seems that the definition of marriage is changing as the years go on. One of the older ideas around marriage was that you could have multiple wives, and Enoch Foster sees no reason to be faithful to just one woman. And because he lives in Utah, it is within his legal rights to have more than one wife. But now his family is questioning everything after Foster admitted his deep, dark secret while on their TLC reality television show, “Three Wives, One Husband.”

Because Foster is not the man he pretends to be with his multiple wives, they are facing legal trouble because they’re on the wrong side of the law, unlike some other Utah polygamist families.

Foster lives with his wives Lillian and Catrina at the polygamous community called Rockland Ranch. He also has another woman, Lydia, who he counts toward the family.

Foster’s father built the ranch during the 1970s as a sanctuary for men with multiple wives to go, so they did not have to deal with the ridicule and judgment from “regular” society. Now seven families live on the ranch. But not all of them practice polygamy. They just need to be accepting of the practice.

Foster and his three women shared 17 children together. And Catrina, his first wife, claims that she convinced Foster to marry a second woman and produce more children.

“I fell so deeply in love with Enoch, and I felt like being married to a man who had so much love to give, I find myself wanting to give someone else the opportunity to share in that,” she said on the show.

The Fosters agreed to share their multi-wife lifestyle with TLC. The network sent in their camera crews and started taping everything they could. But the documentary was only scheduled to air in Britain. However, TLC purchased the program and aired it in America.

And now the family is outraged with the attention they’ve been getting for their polygamous lifestyle.

Now Foster faces jail time for appearing in the documentary. His case is similar to another that is connected to another polygamous documentary Sister Wives.

In 2017, the state of Utah passed a new anti-bigamy law. The reason was that the Brown family, the stars of Sister Wives, sued the state. The family claimed that Utah’s law against polygamy was “unconstitutional” and won their case only to have it overturned on appeal.

The Browns have since fled Utah and moved to Las Vegas also known as Sin City. Kody Brown lives with his four wives there. And he bypasses the law by having only one legal marriage at a time.

Utah law makes it illegal to live with one spouse while being legally married to another. And perpetrators of polygamy or bigamy face up to 10 years in prison.

The Fosters fear their family will be torn apart. And a close friend told In Touch that the family is terrified.

“When the show was filmed, being a [polygamist] in Utah wasn’t illegal…it is again,” the source explained. “So the fact that it’s in the US is slightly scarier now. As far as I know, they are staying put — but keep in mind they just found out TLC bought their show just a few weeks ago!”