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They Went Through The Drive-Thru, Quickly Realize It’s Not Food That’s In The Bag

When Greg and Stacye stopped by their local Tennessee McDonald’s to grab some quick breakfast on the way to work, they never could have imagined what they would find in their bag. When Greg put in his order at the speaker and pulled ahead to the window, everything seemed pretty ordinary. We all know the drill: order the food, pull up and get the food. The employee handed over the bag, which they believed held their order. Not so fast, it turns out.

Greg passed it to Stacye, who was sitting in the passenger seat, and they noticed the bag seemed a bit heavy. Upon opening it, they couldn’t believe their eyes. No, it wasn’t an extra Egg McMuffin, but rather, a bag of thousands of dollars in cash. Stacye explained, “It was a fair amount of money — I could’ve done some shopping.”

While they could have taken the money and run, the couple did the right thing. The money, it turns out, was for a deposit by an employee and was mistakenly handed over to the drive-thru customers. Stacye told of their discovery: “He said, ‘You are not going to believe this.’ Sure enough, it was their bank deposit money.”

They returned the money without hesitation, as Stayce noted: “The second that he said it was their deposit, my first thing was let’s get in the truck and take it back. There is no other way to have it. I couldn’t live with myself.”

Greg added, “This will never, ever happen again in our lifetime.”

The restaurant’s owner, Phil Gray, said in a statement published by the Huffington Post: “We are grateful for this customer and the action they took upon realizing our error. We are looking into why this mistake happened, but what is most important to us is knowing that we are part of a community with the values that were evidenced by this person’s actions.”

Greg and Stacye might not have walked away from the situation any richer, but they definitely had a fun story to tell, with Greg noting: “We’ll be back.  We’ll be back. But, next time I’m sure we’ll leave with our normal breakfast order.”

Those who commented on the story praised the couple for their honesty, but some worried about an employee getting in trouble for the mixup, with one person noting: “Before giving that money back what would’ve been right to do is to make McDonald’s promise in public that they weren’t going to fire that poor individual who made that mistake but not to just hand them back the bag of 2/3 thousand dollars and let that person get fired because that’s exactly what they did ! They made a poor person lose their job!!! So no it’s not kindness.”

Another commenter responded: “Of course it’s kindness, imagine losing 2/3 thousand dollars. The couple had the ethical values to return the money. It’s not their fault they received the money, simply the worker’s. They could have just left with the money instead.”