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They Were 135 Miles From Shore When They Noticed Something Odd Bobbing In The Waves

While oil workers are out in the middle of the ocean – 135 miles away from shore – they notice something in the distance. It appears to be an animal swimming along the surface of the water, or maybe it is a pile of garbage floating about. However, as they mass got closer to their oil rig, they realized that it is an animal after all – and it’s not a critter you’d expect to see 135 miles from shore – it was a dog.

The dog, a brown Aspin, was seen poking its head above water by the workers on the offshore oil rig. They watched as it struggled to keep its head above the waves. Nevertheless, the dog managed to swim over to them and get onto the oil rig’s metal bars. It was exhausted and needed to rest.

An oil tanker was just passing by, so the oil rig workers decided to send her on the boat so she could visit a vet on shore. No one understands how the dog got 135 miles off the shore. It is a mystery.

Nevertheless, the man who first saw her, Khon Vitisak, hopes to adopt her. The vet found that she was healthy and in good condition. But the mystery remains. How did the dog make it to the oil rig off the coast of Thailand, 135 miles from shore?

The dog is estimated to be in the prime of her life between the ages of three and five. When the workers found the dog in the water, they lowered a rope to help her onto the rig. And there she stayed for two nights. Staff welded together a special cage for her to call home and gave her plenty of water and food to help her recover from the apparent 135-mile swim.

When the time came, the crew used a crane to lift the dog via her special cage to the other oil vessel. That took her back to the mainland so she could see the veterinarian in Songkhla, which is located in southern Thailand.

If n owner comes forward, Khon Vitisak, her rescuer, hopes to adopt her. He loved spending time with her on the oil rig.

“We found her trying to swim toward our rig, which is about 135 miles from the shore. Thankfully the sea was quite still because the wind was calm. We just saw her small head, but if the ripples were bigger, I think we probably wouldn’t have noticed her at all. After she made it onto the bars below the rig, she didn’t cry or bark at all. We looked for a way to help her and in the end, decided to use a rope to tie around her body to lift her up.”

When Khon finally got to meet the dog, he fell in love.

“When we first took her onboard she was depressed and tired from being in the water for a long time. She had lost her body water. When he gave her water and minerals her symptoms improved. She started sitting up and walking normally.”

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