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They Weren’t Happy With Their Chicken Nuggets, So They Trashed The Entire Restaurant

It is not uncommon to order food and get something that does not meet your quality standards. I remember just last week, I took my wife out for a sandwich and she was very disappointed with her order. Food is very important to her, so she fumed and complained. But unlike the criminals who were unsatisfied with their chicken nuggets at a Jacksonville, Florida Chick-fil-A, her feelings did not manifest into violence. These restaurant patrons were so unhappy with their fried chicken that they ransacked the place. Fortunately the entire incident was captured on security cameras.


When a Florida woman witnessed violence at her local Chick-fil-A, she logged onto social media and vented to the internet. On Monday, at the River City Marketplace Chick-fil-A, witness, Allison Music, watched as customers grew upset after they had a disagreement with their chicken nuggets.

Instead of turning the other cheek and refunding the upset customers, the Chick-fil-A workers proceeded to escalate the argument. This only enraged the paying customers even more.

Music remembers when two male customers began arguing with the staff. They kept at it for 20 minutes – their chicken nuggets must have been that bad. Soon enough, two women came and joined the young men. They were apparently related to one of the male customers – and although the door was locked, they broke in and confronted the Chick-fil-A workers.

“The teenage boy was arguing with them about his chicken nuggets and getting his refund back. They refunded his money, but I guess he lied to his sister and said they didn’t refund his money,” Music told News4Jax by phone Wednesday night. “So they came in, broke the door handle off the door while trying to get in one way. They came through the other way and started arguing with the manager.”


Terrified that the incident could erupt into gun violence, Music took out her phone to record. She later uploaded several video clips to Facebook showing the fried chicken drama in Jacksonville.

The angry customers started trashing the place. They dumped utensils and condiments on the floor. Then one of the women grabbed a vase and smashed it.

“There were kids at Chick-fil-A while this was going on and anyone should be embarrassed to act the way these two females did tonight,” Music wrote in her now viral Facebook post.

Safety and crime analyst Gil Smith argued that problems with food orders should never escalate like this. Chick-fil-A did a terrible job handling the problem with the chicken nuggets.

“Quite often, there is a conflict between a customer and management in fast food restaurants because there is some kind of problem with their order. In most cases, management will take care of it by either replacing the food or giving them a refund,” Smith said to News4Jax. “It seems like, now, people are more and more unable to talk to management properly to resolve the conflict.”

Managers have failed to issue a comment.

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