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They’ve Had Their Dog For 12 Years, And Just Now Realized He’s Been Living A Double Life

This dog has lived quite a life — not only is McKayla a 12-year-old Great Pyrenees, but this old farm dog has also been leading a secret life that her family never knew about. They only discovered McKayla’s secret when she was stolen. Roger and Julie Gill, who live on a farm in West Newton, Indiana, had inherited the dog when her original owners moved to the city.

McKayla had roamed the farm and herded the animals, living the happy life of a farm dog.

She also fancied herself a bit of a city gal, too, as she took off to the town regularly. The Gills, however, didn’t know what McKayla was getting up to when she visited the nearby corner store.

Once she went missing, they checked out the store’s surveillance video and found that McKayla was a bit of a regular. The video on the day McKayla went missing showed a woman noticing the dog then asking if the dog had an owner. The clerk had told the woman that the dog did, in fact, have owners, but she wanted the dog anyway.

The security camera showed the woman coming back to pet and feed McKayla before leading her away.

The Gills were notified about what had happened and told to come to the store to watch the video footage. That’s when they found out what McKayla had been getting up to when she wandered off.

Julie told CBS: “She’s quite a smart old cookie. She’s been fooling us all; she’s played us like a fiddle.”

Julie finally had some information that made sense, too, as she told Fox 59: “I’ve just been thinking, ‘How does this dog sustain on what little she eats?’, but now I know. She stands at the door like a panhandler, and catches people getting in and out.”

She added: “It’s quite shocking there is a double life.”

Thankfully, they were able to locate the dog and McKayla returned home, though it did escalate to involving the police. The dognappers told the Gills that they had the dog but didn’t return it. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police followed a tip and found the people, who then handed the dog over. They had believed that McKayla had been neglected so they took her. The Gills decided not to press charges.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department tweeted about McKayla’s story, writing: “’Reunited and it feels so good!’ Officer Tomlinson worked to help victim after heartbreaking theft of their Great Pyrenees McKayla. She even sent a nice thank you message which you can see below! Thank you for sharing the love! Welcome back McKayla! #GreatPyrenees #IMPDcares.”

Julie expressed her thanks, writing: Our McKayla is HOME! We are so thankful to Indy Metro Officer P Tomlinson for going over and above working with us and getting McKayla home. We love and appreciate all the men and women who protect our community. Thank you for your service!”

Among the many comments left on social media about the story were those who wondered why the Gills didn’t press charges against the people. They were likely just happy to have their old gal home and are looking for a plan to keep her from wandering again.

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