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Thief Runs Off With Woman’s Phone, But Keep Your Eye On The Man In The Tuxedo

You never know when your talents are going to come into play. For one man, it was while he was having a cigarette on his lunch break. After 35-year-old Lewychino Martey Thomas heard some commotion, he realized that a robber was trying to flee after snatching a woman’s phone. Martey-Thomas didn’t waste any time and jumped into action, chasing the man down, while he was wearing a double-breasted two-piece with cufflinks and a bowtie.

“I was on my lunch break smoking a cigarette in High Holborn where I work for a suiting company when I heard an older woman screaming ‘my phone, my phone’ and sounding as if someone was hurting her,” he said.

The former track star chased down the robber, who was luckily stopped by some other Good Samaritans. When he questioned the robber about the phone, the guy denied it. Martey-Thomas then put a bit of pressure on him and squeezed him, demanding that the man tell him where the phone is.

“The guy denied having a phone so I took over and calmed the situation down. I said to him ‘I’m placing you under citizens arrest, where’s the phone?”

Finally, the guy pulled the phone out of his trousers. In a bizarre turn of events, the robber asked Martey-Thomas for a cigarette because he was so shaken up.

“He asked for a cigarette and I didn’t mind – I’d want one if I was about to be arrested. But I warned him ‘don’t run I was a track star at school, I will catch you,” Martey-Thomas shared. “Once I caught him, I told him again ‘I was a 200m sprinter, don’t ever try and outrun me again, it’s not going to happen.'”

Onlookers who witnessed the event unfold managed to capture some footage and soon Martey-Thomas’s heroic moment was shared online. Without him knowing, the debonaire sprinter was applauded for his act and word quickly spread about the incident.

The woman whose phone was stolen thanked him for his kindness and said that there should be more people like him in the world.

In response to all the praise, Martey-Thomas shared the following…

“I’m not a hero, I’m just a positive community man.”

One Twitter user summarized the event and shared the footage alongside the following tweet…

“So this scumbag biker (in helmet) snatches handbag off a woman, pushes her to ground and rides off but dude in suit bolts after him, knocking him off and placing him under citizens arrest.Dude even lets the guy have a cigarette while we wait for cops.”

Another Twitter user said that “he secured the bag and our hearts.”

One commenter felt that this is one way to clean up the crime on the streets…

“Urban hero. No argument. THAT is the sort of attitude which would clean up the streets.”

Another commenter updated followers on the suspect’s whereabouts…

“He managed to break free but was detained shortly after by officers in Chancery Lane. He was arrested on suspicion of theft. He was taken to a north London police station where he was further arrested on suspicion of robbery. He remains in custody.”